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Real²time Exploratory Analytics on Large Datasets
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Overall improvement on Azure Deep Storage extension.
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Druid is a distributed, column-oriented, real-time analytics data store that is commonly used to power exploratory dashboards in multi-tenant environments.

Druid excels as a data warehousing solution for fast aggregate queries on petabyte sized data sets. Druid supports a variety of flexible filters, exact calculations, approximate algorithms, and other useful calculations.

Druid can load both streaming and batch data and integrates with Samza, Kafka, Storm, and Hadoop.


Apache License, Version 2.0

More Information

More information about Druid can be found on


You can find the latest Druid Documentation on the project website.

If you would like to contribute documentation, please do so under /docs/content in this repository and submit a pull request.


We have a series of tutorials to get started with Druid. If you are just getting started, we suggest going over the first Druid tutorial.

Reporting Issues

If you find any bugs, please file a GitHub issue.


Community support is available on the druid-user mailing list(

Development discussions occur on the druid-development list(

We also have a couple people hanging out on IRC in #druid-dev on

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