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Standardization solutions: Aequitate Verum

Metanorma: standards authoring and publishing

Metanorma is the award-winning open-source standards authoring and publishing framework. With a focus on semantic authoring and flexible output support, many standards development organizations depend on Metanorma for making their standards available to the world.

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  1. metanorma Public

    The Metanorma project:

    Ruby 53 26

  2. CLI (Command Line Interface) for Metanorma

    Ruby 5 5

  3. Official Metanorma website

    HTML 7 7

  4. mnconvert Public

    Metanorma converter

    HTML 2 1

  5. Convert HTML/Word DOCX into AsciiDoc syntax

    Ruby 35 2

  6. html2doc Public

    Ruby gem that converts an HTML page/document into a Microsoft Word `.doc` file

    XSLT 25 1


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