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AsciiRFC: Preparing Internet-Drafts And RFCs In AsciiDoc

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AsciiRFC: Preparing Internet-Drafts And RFCs In AsciiDoc

Build Status

This Internet-Draft is written in pure AsciiDoc using the excellent asciidoctor-rfc gem. The latest draft of this Internet-Draft is available at .

Fetching the document

git clone

To fetch the sub-documents for /examples:

cd rfc-asciidoc-rfc
git submodule init
make pull

Installing Build Tools

You will need Ruby, xml2rfc and idnits (for submission preflight).

On macOS

brew install idnits
brew install python
easy_install pip
pip install -r requirements.txt
gem install bundler
bundle install

Building The Document

make all
# or
export ID_NAME=ribose-asciirfc
make draft-${ID_NAME}.txt

Checking Against idnits

idnits is the RFC checking tool prior to submissions.

The make target finds exactly the document name from the :name: document attribute and puts the file in the right place before calling idnits to prevent it complaining about the location.

export ID_NAME=ribose-asciirfc
make draft-${ID_NAME}.nits

Checking for invalid / unicode characters

export ID_NAME=ribose-asciirfc
pcregrep --color='auto' -n "[\x80-\xFF]" draft-${ID_NAME}.xml

Iterating the document

export ID_NAME=ribose-asciirfc
make clean all; open draft-${ID_NAME}.txt


AsciiRFC: Preparing Internet-Drafts And RFCs In AsciiDoc






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