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This file documents the revision history for the Perl library Validation::Class.
2.4.4 2011-10-28
- Updated POD, documented writing Plugins
- Added instatiation hook for plugins
2.4.3 2011-10-28
- Refactored the plugin system
2.4.0 2011-10-28
- Updated POD, documented new plugin system
- Added support for a plugin system
2.3.4 2011-10-27
- Updated POD, documented new toggle feature
- Added support for toggling and default directives
- Custom validation now has an auto-generated error message
- Added new directives, (default, depends_on, max alpha digits
sum and symbols as well as min alpha digits sum and symbols
2.1.0 2011-10-27
- Updated POD
- Ability to load (child) related classes
- (Major Fix) Each class now operates independently
2.0.0 2011-10-24
- Updated POD
- Added queue (persistent fields) functionality
- Added stashed attribute and reset, param, and queue methods
1.9.5 2011-10-23
- Completely rewritten with Moose
- Fixed mixin and mixin_field merging policy
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