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2019-09-21 Terrence Brannon <>
* Added data from Yong Sutong:
There is one lineage from Baba Somanath we would like to
submit. Baba Somanath built an Ashram in Bangalore, 1958, it was
called Sawan Durbar Ashram. And his successor is Baba Premanathji
Maharaj (Sri S.B.Pathrappa) (1919 to 1998). After Baba Premanathji
Maharaj is Dr. M.B. Vasudevachari (1954 to present). We had
visited that Ashram and met Dr. M.B. Vasudevachari. It’s very
beautiful and pure Ashram. Here is the website link
2011-11-10 <thequietcenter@JCL4EVER>
* Began reading "Anurag Sagar" by Kabir (graciously translated by
Sant Ajaib Singh). The introduction points to several initiates of
Kabir, who are now
* Cleanup the the Tarn Taran Lineage based on a post by David
C. Lane
2011-08-28 <thequietcenter@JCL4EVER>
* added (Sher Gill)[] thanks to a post from
David C. Lane.
* re-listed [Christopher Tims]( as
being derived from Harold Klemp since he was a teacher in the
organization during that period.
* contemplated renaming this list from a Sant Mat list to
LightSong or something more inclusive. Sant Mat is a particular
form of Inner Light and Sound practice.
2011-05-30 <thequietcenter@JCL4EVER>
* index.html: Linked to [INNER SONIC KEY](
2011-05-29 <thequietcenter@JCL4EVER>
* Found the [Sant Nirankari
[Novelguide]( Nirankar
means formless. Their lineage traces back to Jaimal Singh.
* [A discussion on Radhasoami Studies]( has led to a general consensus that Darshan
Singh "succeeded" Kirpal Singh. The word succeeded is in quoted
because (1) Sant Thakar Singh certainly took over the ashrma.
(2) It's not clear what documents the successorship.
But more than anything, this lineage chart is about who proceeded
from who (via initiation/study) and steers clear of the idea of
authentic sucessorship. This chart is primarily designed to list
active available Inner Light and Sound paths and give a general
idea of the teacher/master's background. It is
not the purpose of this chart to make a statement about the
sensitive and controversial topic of successorship. As long as a
master has the goods and his students are pleased, then the person
is listed as accurately as possible.
2011-05-19 <thequietcenter@JCL4EVER>
* I just realized that Darshan Singh should not be listed as a
successor of Kirpal Singh because he was initiated by Sawan
Singh. I've updated the mind map, but will not push out the update
to the map until next month or so.
* index.html: added link to [the original sant mat guru lineage
and since she acknowledges David Lane, I think it is upon me to do
the same.
* the website is now it's own [source
code repository]( instead of
being lumped in with the metaphysics repository
2011-04-21 <thequietcenter@JCL4EVER>
* moved location of Harinandan Baba based on information I saw in
a [Pravesh K. Singh
* added comment of Pravesh K. Singh about many ancient gurus (many
of whom are not listed in my lineage charts)
* added [realm chart of Aman
* added Babuji Maharaj as a successor of Brahm Mishra, per
conversation with Michael Turner
* added [Madhu Paramhans Ji](, per
[message from robert
s]( Adding
him led to Kabir being listed as a distinct root lineage rather
than being lumped in with Shabda misc
* Began to wonder if Supreme Master Ching Hai was initiated by
Sant Thakar Singh and whether Paul Twitchell was initiated by
Kirpal Singh. Not making any changes based on these speculations.
* Added Sant Ram Singh Ji as initiate of Baba Somanath
* Linked to [Radhasoami Studies discussion
2011-03-29 Terrence Brannon <thequietcenter@ubuntu>
* index.html:
- Tulsi Sahib is now a primary branch of the lineage tree.
- Radhasoami has always been a primary branch, but the various
sub-groups (dinod, dayalbagh, beas, agra, etc) are now explictly
listed. Discoverd a new lineage under Rai Salig Ram includes Shiv
Brat Lal, Tara Chand, and Param Sant Kanwar
- new bibliographic reference -
- scouring this leads to the addition of Shri Hans Ji
Maharaj in the Shabd misc primary branch
- Received 3 highly valuable emails from Tony Mohorovic. Result:
-- also added maharishi mehi disciples
-- also added ishwari puri (initiated by sawan singh at age 9!)
(thanks Tony)