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The Golf Swing

George Knudson "Natural Golf Swing"

I remember the first time I felt centrifugal force and inertia (centrifugal force is the outward force acting on a body that is rotating in a circle around a central point; inertia is the property by which matter continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion unless that state is changed by external force). The effect generated a powerful and accurate swing, yet I hadn’t a thing to do with it except allow it to happen. All I did was set myself in motion. Until then, I’d only had glimpses of a pure swing. I’d thought I had to do so much to swing a golf club, but suddenly in one swing I felt like the golf club had swung itself. There was no resistance. I sensed that the club was travelling on a pure, undisturbed path, and that I wasn’t doing a thing consciously with my hands and arms to take it there. It was a feeling of totally letting go. It felt wonderful.

Knudson, George; Rubenstein, Lorne. Natural Golf Swing (Kindle Locations 141-147). McClelland & Stewart. Kindle Edition.

Wally Armstrong Clinics in Action

Bobby Jones used to think about the golf club head as the weight on the end of a wire.

Give the tire a nice hit. Now step over to the golf ball and hit it.

Henry Cotton Hitting With The Hands The Henry Cotton Golf Lesson

The golf swing is just a baseball swing on a tilt

Wally Armstrong Wally Armstrong Clinics in Action

The golf swing is made of two motions. One is rotating in a circle around the spine (no up and down, no forward and back) and the wrists cocking to 90 degrees in one direction and then the other.

Wally Armstrong How to Use the WallyMadeGolf PowerBall

Focus fully on the clubhead and its weight - the path of that heavy circle carving through the air. And just try to pass it through the ball as precisely as you can.

Ron Sisson Golf Channel Instructor Search Audition - Ron Sisson, Real Swing Golf

I don't worry too much about where my body parts are or what they are doing, because I'm focused fully on simply swinging the clubhead and striking the ball with the swinging clubhead.

Ron Sisson Golf Channel Instructor Search Audition - Ron Sisson, Real Swing Golf

The ball is not on the ground. You are not hitting a ball that is on the ground. There's a ball on the end of your club and you're flicking it off.

David Lee, Gravity Golf

You're making a pivot. If you watch this handle (of the golf club), it comes down and slows down while the club head speeds up. Then the handle speeds up again. That's a pivot. That's a lever.

Mike Malaska Pivot Points For Power

What we have here is a golf ball with a line at the equator. And I've put a dot on the 4th groove up from the bottom on this club head. The game of golf is connecting this dot with this line.

Mike Malaska I Feel Your Pain #5: Pro Distance And De-Lofting


No up and down, no forward and back

The swing is a circle with the spine as an axis

Take a golf club down your back. As you bend over, stick your butt out.

The Grip

Do you notice as you lighten the grip pressure on the club, the club goes from feeling like a lead rod where you have no sensation of the end of the club to this very lightweight stick with a heavy head attached to it.

Ron Sisson Golf Channel Instructor Search Audition - Ron Sisson, Real Swing Golf

The Backswing

Does anyone have trouble getting too far to the inside? We do that when we start back by turning our shoulders. The swing should make the turn, not the turn make the swing.

Jim Flick, Stephanie Wei - Lesson from Jim Flick

Sometimes I will put a towel underneath my arms and feel that my upper body is starting my swing.

Smyle Kaufman One-on-One With Smylie Kaufman: Creating A Perfect Backswing

I like to feel that my upper body is pushing the club back rather than my body trying to start it. When I get to the top of the backswing, I want to feel I'm getting into my back right hip.

Smyle Kaufman One-on-One With Smylie Kaufman: Creating A Perfect Backswing

The Slot

Wally Armstrong "Circle to the right"

in the golf swing you dont want the club to come around go towards the hole, you have to learn to swing out to the right.


weight is on front foot. ball is placed off back toe so the hands stay in front of the ball. Chipping is a pendulum motion. You want to imagine the club and the (front) arm form a straight line

Wally Armstrong How to Use the WallyMade Golf Power Hanger

The loft of the club gets the ball in the air. So chipping is just a bigger version of putting. Only now your putter instead of having a flat face has a lofted face... here's what we are going to do: I'm going to roll the ball along the ground so I'm feeling what it feels like to have the shaft lean forward, catch the ball on the face and have it roll towards its target.

Mike Malaska Short Game: Chipping and Pitching


All I need to do is position myself so that my arms can fall

Jim Flick Jim Flick Lesson

What happens to most people is they start to sway and everything is moving all over the place. This is nothing more than an arm swing and pivot. So if you just stand on your left foot and you use your right toe to balance you, not for weight, and now we are going to make swings.

Mike Malaska [](Short Game: Chipping and Pitching)


Quotes on the Golf Swing



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