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Metaplex Foundation


  1. metaplex metaplex Public

    A directory of what the Metaplex Foundation works on!

    3.3k 6.3k

  2. metaplex-program-library metaplex-program-library Public

    Smart contracts maintained by the Metaplex team

    Rust 567 508

  3. developer-hub developer-hub Public

    One place for all Metaplex developer resources

    JavaScript 19 21

  4. umi umi Public

    A Solana Framework for JS Clients.

    TypeScript 123 33

  5. mpl-bubblegum mpl-bubblegum Public

    Create and manage Metaplex compressed NFTs

    Rust 55 32

  6. mpl-token-metadata mpl-token-metadata Public

    Program to attach additional data to Fungible or Non-Fungible tokens on Solana.

    Rust 95 40


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