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Metaplex Foundation Project Directory

This repository is a directory of the projects that the Metaplex Foundation works on.

To learn more, visit our documentation at

Rust Programs

  • The Metaplex Program Library - GitHub

    A collection of all the Solana programs that the Metaplex Foundation actively maintains. Each program is published to


These high level SDKs make it a breeze to interact with our programs.

  • JavaScript SDK - GitHub / NPM

    Our JS SDK is a high level SDK for interacting with our programs and was built on top of our autogenerated libraries. It currently still in active development.

  • iOS SDK - GitHub

    Our new iOS SDK is built from scratch in Swift to provide a smooth experience for interacting with NFTs. It uses a similar interface to our JS SDK.

  • Android SDK - GitHub

    Our Android SDK was implemented from scratch in native Kotlin and is being developed in parallel with our iOS SDK. Like the iOS SDK, it also features a similar interface to our JS SDK.

Autogenerated Libraries

The following libraries were autogenerated by Solita. A link to each Rust crate on is also provided for convenience.

  • MPL Token Metadata - GitHub / NPM /

    The MPL Token Metadata program allows SPL tokens to add metadata to it and is one of the most important programs when dealing with NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

  • MPL Auction House - GitHub / NPM /

    The MPL Auction House program is a protocol for marketplaces to implement a decentralized sales contract. It additionally allows for escrowless sales where the NFT doesn't leave the seller's wallet until the sale is complete.

  • MPL Candy Machine - GitHub / NPM /

    The MPL Candy Machine program enables creators to easily and safely launch NFT collections without having to worry about the rent overhead from minting the NFTs themselves.


  • Sugar, the Candy Machine CLI - GitHub

    Sugar is our new Candy Machine CLI, built in rust. It is incredibly fast and easy to use.

  • Shank - GitHub

    Shank is a tool that makes IDLs from native Solana programs.

  • Solita - GitHub

    Solita (SOLana Idl To Api) converts IDLs generated by Shank into JavaScript SDKs.

  • Amman - GitHub

    Amman, and the Amman Explorer are a set of testing tools that make it easy to test Solana programs locally and see the changed deserialized states in real time on the explorer.


  • Candy Machine UI - GitHub

    A reference minting UI for Candy Machine projects.

  • Gumdrop - GitHub

    The Gumdrop UI and CLI for managing inexpensive SPL token and NFT airdrops.

  • Token Entangler UI - GitHub

    The Token Entangler UI that aims to help de-rug projects.


The following repositories are no longer maintained by the Metaplex Foundation.

  • Storefront - GitHub

    The deprecated Metaplex Storefront frontend for self-hosted NFT marketplaces.

  • Deprecated JavaScript CLIs - GitHub

    A collection of JS CLIs that are no longer maintained by the Metaplex Foundation.

  • The Program Graveyard - GitHub

    The Rust programs that are we no longer maintain.