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UPDATE: Our LunchTime app was selected as Best Designed App

This repo was used to collaborate on a hack for DigitalUndivided - Global Mobile Hackathon, 4 October 2014 and submitted to

Contributors: Justin Donato (parse and mustache), Natasha Dykes (design and artwork), Robert Ivan (concept and bootstrap).

High Level Overview: Get NYC Public School lunch menus out of their current, stagnant, pdf implementation and into a database so we can then do stuff with it like present the menus in a web application to enable voting, photo submissions, alergy alerts, nutrition info, even alerts and menus via Twilio.


Work: We did what we could in ~5 hours and it actually works quite well, given that time constraint.

  • We scraped the meal info off website for the month of November k-8 lunch menu
  • brought menu data into for the database solution.
  • also set up parse to record the star rating data
  • Templating for the meals and voting modules was done via mustache.js
  • We use Bootstrap 3 for the presentation framework
  • IoS touch icons implemented.

You can see a mockup here