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Metarhia Console

The Concept

Console is client-side run-time for Metarhia applications. It's a part of Metarhia technological stack and it has following implementations:

  • Qt and Node.js (C++) for Linux, MacOS, Windows
  • iOS (Swift and Objective-C)
  • Android (Java and possibly C++ and Node.js)
  • Archaic Web emulator (for hypertext browsers)

Basic principles:

  • Component approach and reactive binding between visual components and data structures
  • Metadata and declarative structures usage for user interfaces formal description, it allows to render UI with different native libraries
  • Up to 80-90% of user interfaces can be automatically built from metamodel (scaffolding), all other code can be added at late steps including forms, application graphs, CRUD and tables, etc.

Metamodel Definition Language

GUI Definition Language