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Metarhia Protocol

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Metarhia Protocol (mhp) is a protocol for RPC, event streams and two-way asynchronous data transfer that supports multiplexing and is capable of handling network errors gracefully.

This project is covered by a Code of Conduct.

NPM Status


Check out our documentation at


Please adhere to Conventional Commits styleguide for commit messages (npm install creates a Git hook that lints your commit messages, and they are also checked on CI, but please write them properly beforehand so that they don't get rejected. If that happens locally while committing, though, don't worry, your commit message isn't lost, you can still find it in .git/COMMIT_EDITMSG).


Collaborators can release new versions using

npm run release
git push origin master --follow-tags
npm publish

This will update the version in package.json and package-lock.json according to semantic versioning using commit messages to determine whether it is a patch, minor or major release, update the changelog, tag the new version in Git, and publish it to npm registry.


MIT. See the LICENSE file for details.