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I recently tried to make some updates to my hosted Heroku version of this app, and things started failing. I believe this is happening because MongoLab (the Heroku MongoDB provider I used) has forced an upgrade to MongoDB 3 (per, but I haven't had a chance to upgrade the app itself.

As a result, the demonstration site does not work and, obviously, the deployment notes won't work.

First things first, this application desperately needs refactoring. It is far from DRY, has no tests, has a monstrosity for a mainController, and -while functional- the administrative page is ugly and non-Angular-ish. ("If you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late." ~Reid Hoffman) But for recently learning MongoDB and Angular, this was a decent first go and I'm learning a ton from refactoring!


Running Locally

To run locally:

  1. each in a new terminal tab, cd to project directory then:

    a. sudo mongod b. mongo c. nodemon

  2. in web browser:

    • navigate to localhost:4200 to access the main homepage (port is defined in server/app.js)

Heroku Deployment Notes

At some point or another I tried to deploy versions of this app on RedShift, Heroku, and NodeJitsu with Compose MongoDB and ran into a range of problems. In the end, Heroku with MongoLab was the hands-down winning combination!

Add-on a MongoLab instance

  1. in an unused terminal tab, cd to project directory
  2. heroku addons:add mongolab The database should automagically be connected.


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