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We do Open Source ERP - Fast, Flexible & Free Software to scale your Business.

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metasfresh - We do Open Source ERP

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metasfresh is a responsive, Free and Open Source ERP System. Our aim is to create fast and easy-to-use enterprise software with an outstanding user experience.

We do Open Source ERP

Equipped with wide and detailed functionality, metasfresh fits for companies from industry and trade that are searching business software that provides high scalability and flexibility.

It has a 3-tier architecture with Rest-API and a Web User Frontend developed in HTML5/ ReactJS/ Redux.


KPI Dashboard Sales Order Window Material Receipt Window


We publish a stable Release of metasfresh every Friday - ok, we skip 1 week at the end of the year ;-) . You can download it here.

metasfresh can be installed via Docker or Ubuntu Installer.

Docker How do I setup the metasfresh stack using Docker?

Ubuntu How do I install metasfresh using the Installation package?

First steps:


If you are new to metasfresh and would like to learn more, then you can find our documentation here:


Come visit us in our Community Forum for questions, discussions and exchange of new insights. We look forward to meeting you!


Do you want to help improving documentation, contribute some code or participate in functional requirements. That's great, you're welcome! Please read our Code of Conduct and Contributor Guidelines first.


To check out only certain parts of this repository, we recommend getting git version 2.25.0 or later and use the git-sparse-checkout feature. Examples:

  • to get started, do git sparse-checkout init --clone
    • this will leave you with just the files in the repo's root folder, such as the file you are reading
  • to get the frontend code, do git sparse-checkout set frontend
  • to go back to having everything checked out, do git sparse-checkout disable

What's new in metasfresh ERP?

If you are interested in latest improvements or bug fixes of metasfresh ERP, feel free to check out our Release Notes.