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This repository contains what is needed to generate a districubtable tar.gz file whicxh cotanins

  • the backend service
  • the swing client
  • the webui API service
  • the webui frontend javascript (can be deployed to apache)
  • a number of smaller artifacts

Installing metasfresh

We create weekly Releases of metasfresh ERP whch can be downloaded from our official Website at

Do you want to help?

Do you want to help improving documentation, contribute some code or participate in functional requirements. That's great, you're welcome! Please read our contibutor guidelines first. You can find them here: If you would like to get in touch with other contributors then just join our chat on Gitter: metasfresh Gitter

What's new in metasfresh ERP?

If you are interested in latest improvements or bug fixes of metasfresh ERP, then take a look in our Release Notes.