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This repo contains the API service of our webui. The frontend can be found in its own repository.

Some notes for developers:

  • This can be run from from eclipse
  • The main method is located at /metasfresh-webui-api/src/main/java/de/metas/ui/web/
    • When running the API for the first time, you probably need to run it with -Dwebui-api-run-headless=false so that the swing dialog to set the DB connection can be displayed
    • If you also run metasfresh-admin locally on port 9090, you might also want to run this API with -Dspring.boot.admin.url=http://localhost:9090
  • By default, this listens on port 8080
  • Swagger UI url: http://localhost:8080/swagger-ui.html
  • If you don't run elastic search in your development environment, you might also add the property -Delastic_enable=false when running the API so that the console will not be flooded with elastic search issues