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Hey Everyone!

First, thanks for considering me for the Senior Software Engineer position. I hope you find these commits usefull. It's been almost 3 years since I touched some Paperclip code and I wrote this while running a fever today. No excuses, just not on my game today. Things that are not done that I wanted to do:

  • Use a rich JavaScript uploader that would report progress.
  • Schedule said parsing of data files via a work queue.
  • Show a nice table of the last uploads with dynamic page updates using web events, sockets or polling.
  • Hooked up to Travis CI.

Most of the stuff above speaks to large data sets and a better user experience. Which is where I have been spending most of my time lately. Specifically CoffeeScript. If needed, I can demo my two Spine.JS projects and open them for code review. There is also of course my blog and github accounts.

Development Setup

This project was developed and tested on Ruby 1.9.3.p125. This should be the minimally valid Ruby version. I did not write a .rvmrc or .rbenv to the repo to communicate this.

$ rbenv local 1.9.3-p125

The app uses a normal Rails test setup. Hoever, I am using MiniTest::Spec on the back end vs Ruby 1.9's Test::Unit compatibility layer. All tests leverage the spec style but can be written either way. Lastly, the Rails test/integration directory is not the normal integrated session that Rails offers. Instead I wanted to use a simple Capybara DSL that I so often rely on. However there are no integration tests for this one page app in my time allowance. Some info:

Despite no intergration tests. To get up and running, bundle install and run rake test.

$ bundle install
$ rake test

In Closing

Here are a few open source ruby projects besides my SQL Server adapter and/or C extensions. All my CoffeeScript/JavaScript work is closed source, but I can open access to one of my private repos if needed.