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kclair commented Dec 12, 2011


I'm using rails 3.1.1 and less-rails 2.1.1.

In application.css.less I am loading another less file like so:
//= require layout

In layout.css.less, I'm trying to use image-url like so:
body {
padding-top: 50px;
background: image-url("body_background.png") repeat fixed 0 0 #d5d8db;

The background image is not showing up. When I view the css source on the client, I still see image-url("body_background.png") rather than url(/assets/body_background.png).

I definitely have the asset pipeline enabled, and have configured less explicitly as the stylesheet engine.


metaskills commented Dec 12, 2011

You should @import the other .less file.

kclair commented Dec 13, 2011

I don't understand. Here you say to require less files from application.css: #11

kclair commented Dec 14, 2011

Does the file containing the @import need to be two levels deep from application.css? In your example less-rails-bootstrap-test project, you have:

//= require tree .

the tree contains bootstrap_test.css which contains:
//= require bootstrap_test/less

bootstrap_test/less.css.less finally contains the @import.

I tried to put @import statements into a file one degree away from application.css, like so:

//= require less

@import "layout"

It is not importing anything.

the full file name of the layout file is layout.css.less. i also tried:
@import "layout.css"
@import "layout.css.less"

I also tried renaming the layout file to layout.less, and using @import "layout", but that didn't work either.

kclair commented Dec 14, 2011

Got this working by adding semicolons to the @import statements and by naming the layout file layout.less.

kclair closed this Dec 14, 2011

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