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= PDF::Writer Change Log
== PDF::Writer 1.2.1: May 13, 2009
* Ruby 1.9 compatibility.
== PDF::Writer 1.1.3: September 9, 2005
* Fixed #2356 submitted by Matthew Thill. Margins set by the various margins
methods would behave incorrectly.
== PDF::Writer 1.1.2: August 25, 2005
* Thomas Gantner <> found a problem with the
interpretation of the placement of page numbers and provided a patch.
* Thomas also reported a problem with an inability to place page numbering on
the first page of a document, as well as strange results from not providing
a starting page number. This has been fixed. Also reported as #2204.
* Modified PDF::Writer requirements to require color-tools version 1.3.0 or
later. This necessitates that Color constants be changed to Color::RGB
* Updated supporting library documentation to include information on
color-tools version 1.3.
* Fixed a bug with Graphics#transform_matrix truncating one of the transform
* Applied a fix to PDF::SimpleTable submitted by Mike Leddy in #2129 on the
RubyForge tracker.
* Applied a partial fix for PNG with index-transparency provided by Marc
Vleugels in #2245 on the RubyForge tracker. NOTE: This does not solve the
transparency problem; at this point, PDF::Writer cannot be said to support
PNGs with transparency. This will be fixed in a later version of
== PDF::Writer 1.1.1: July 1, 2005
* Fixed the packaging process; the .tar.gz files will no longer corrupt the
* Added the images and the manual (both raw and generated) to the demo
== PDF::Writer 1.1.0: June 29, 2005
NOTE: The first two changes are INCOMPATIBLE with previous versions of
PDF::Writer. If you find that your text is showing up at odd angles, negate
the value. That is, if you have 90 as your angle, use -90 (or 270) as your
angle and it will work like it used to.
* Axis transformations in PDF::Writer::Graphics have been fixed.
* Text axis transformation in PDF::Writer#add_text has been fixed.
* Changed #text_width and #text_line_width so that the text value is the
first parameter and the size parameter is second, and is optional. The code
warns about it now, but it will break in PDF::Writer 2.0.
* Changed #add_text and #add_text_wrap so that the text parameter is before
the now-optional size parameter. The code warns about it now, but it will
break in PDF::Writer 2.0.
* Added #transform_matrix.
* Fixed compression. NOTE: Compression must be set early in the documentation
process, or only some items will be compressed in the document. The various
#save_as methods have been changed to reflect this fact.
* Enabled the placement of encoding differences dictionaries in the resulting
PDF document. This change should be considered experimental.
* Added TTF licence checking. The embedding of a file not licenced for
inclusion in a document will continue, but a warning will be output to
standard error. This code has been gakked from FPDF (
* Properly supporting symbolic font flags now.
* Added support and documentation for a separately downloadable demo package.
* Expanded the installation documentation.
* Added the ability to make images clickable links with any of the three
image insertion methods.
== PDF::Writer 1.0.1: June 13, 2005
* Fixed a few minor gem issues.
* Renamed bin/manual to bin/techbook.
* Fixed the manual.pwd locator for the default install.
== PDF::Writer 1.0.0: June 12, 2005
* Integrated ezwriter.rb functionality with writer.rb.
* Factored out some functionality into modules and classes.
* Added CMYK colour support to JPEG images.
* Uses Color::CMYK (from color-utils) to provide CMYK support to drawing
* Simplified the image API significantly.
* Modified image support to properly handle full image flipping.
* Fixed several multi-column issues.
* Fixed a bug where new pages automatically started by overflowing text may
have resulted in writing the first line of text above the top margin. This
may need further testing and probably causes problems with column handling.
* Fixed some page numbering issues.
* Added several demos, including Ruby Quick Reference Sheets.
* Scrubbed the API.
* Updated the documentation.
* Changed installer to setup.rb 3.3.1-modified.
* Applied an image resize patch; the image will be resized manually before
checking to see if a new page is required. Thanks to Leslie Hensley.
* Fixed a bug where entities would generate the width specified for the
component characters, not the represented characters.
* Fixed a performance bug. Thanks again to Leslie Hensley.
== PDF::Writer 0.1.2: CVS only
* Fixed a problem with the improper reading of character numbers from .afm
files that are not default files. Other font issues remain but will be fixed
at a later date.
== PDF::Writer 0.1.0: September, 2003
* Initial technology preview.
# PDF::Writer for Ruby.
# Copyright 2003 - 2005 Austin Ziegler.
# Licensed under a MIT-style licence. See LICENCE in the main distribution
# for full licensing information.
# $Id$
# vim: sts=2 sw=2 ts=4 et ai tw=77