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Denarius v3.3.9.3

@metaspartan metaspartan released this
· 242 commits to master since this release
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Denarius v3.3.9.3

  • Added Wallet Unlock Dialog when starting a single FS in the QT
  • Added -fsconflock=1 Icon to the QT for visualization of your locked FS
  • Added -maxuploadtarget flag to set a maximum upload data target
  • Added -maxorphantx flag to set a maximum amount of orphan transactions, default is usually good
  • Updated denarius.conf creation addnodes to latest v3.3.9.3
  • Updated Denarius DNS Seeder Nodes
  • Wallet performance improvements
  • You can now stake large inputs
  • Fixed CreateTX priority
  • Added STUN server support for GetSTUNExternalIP()
    (STUN is described in RFC3489 and it is based on the exchange of UDP packets between a client and one or more servers to determine the externally visible address (and port) of the client once it has gone through the NAT boxes that connect it to the outside.)
  • Added bytes sent and received to peer RPC commands

From v3.3.9.2:

  • Added getnettotals, ping, getnetworkinfo, and disconnectnode RPC Commands
  • Fixed FortunaStake last seen times
  • Updated Protocol to 33900 - EVERYONE must UPDATE
  • Added some additional debug
  • Fixed segfault upon startup on fresh nodes/wallets Hash:

SHA256: 03A235A58FD04E88AAAD9E0A9199D9843A4B42C58C0B7F92DAE2E31B0CF3BAA3
SHA1: F065E8EB30B255492720E1A5C31B72FDE2B0B1F3

Denarius.exe Hash:

SHA256: F5F630847D4A226096F1790D6CF97D34058C91B12A57E0BCEA2CA88EBB8EA79F
SHA1: D5C14DC81AADBE9E46AE73BA465024B67F8DB78D

Denarius-v3.3.9.3-macOS.dmg Hash:

SHA256: 24EBF026BAEF336A57919A618F074C81DA798B3E584C30EF903CFE4937143123
SHA1: 2D0D9AD9FE56304D00A4774EB4FB7C2673DCDE8A
CRC64: EB63295F714A8E99