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Metasploit Resource Portal Data

This is the public repository for all the data that fuels the Metasploit Resource Portal, a community-driven effort to collect and highlight especially useful resources for Metasploit Framework users and developers.

This Resource Portal is no mere link farm of out-of-date documentation. Oh no. If you're looking for that, let me Google that for you -- there are nearly 900,000 such links for you to peruse.

Instead, the Resource Portal is a curated and continuously reviewed collection of the most helpful videos, blog posts, podcasts, and other helpful resources, produced mainly by community contributors.

While we do have some Getting Started links, most of the resources are heavy on more advanced developer and penetration-tester pro tips.

Adding a Resource

If you have found or written something especially insightful involving Metasploit, we'd love to hear about it! The procedure for review and inclusion is easy:

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Edit the appropriate category's corresponding YAML file in the data subdirectory.
  3. Create a pull request describing your resource addition.

All suggestions need to include at least a URL, a date, a title, and an author. Follow the existing format, and you should be fine.

Once that's done, one of the kind collaborators will review it for accuracy and relevency, and hopefully, include it on the site with a heart-felt commit message of thanks.

Other suggestions

If you have a more general bug or feature to report or suggest for the site itself, feel free to open an issue.


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