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Metatron Discovery is an end-to-end big data self discovery solution. To learn more about metatron discovery, visit our web site https://metatron.app


  • Able to process HUGE data sets super FAST, powered by (optimized) Apache Druid
  • Easy data analytics for everyone
  • Intuitive UI with full API support

Key Features

Metatron provides:

  • Interactive dashboards with numerous preloaded charts.
  • Supports query(SQL) based data exploration and GUI based data wrangling.
  • Supports various data sources (e.g. DBs, HIVE, or Kafka streams).
  • Job and data usage monitoring.
  • Metadata management.
  • Supports 3rd party data analytics tool integration(e.g. Apache Zeppelin).
  • Fine grain access control of users and workspaces.
  • Overcomes Druid weaknesses (e.g. no data join function) without performance degradation using Metatron optimized Druid
  • Full API support, enabling easy integration into your environment/software
  • Available on AWS, Azure('19.3Q).
  • Docker support for distributed version deploy('19.3Q).


Create Dashboards

Create Charts

Map Analysis

Use Datasources

Manage Datasources

Connect Database

Prepare Origin Data

Query Monitoring



Install the Customized Druid

Here is the link for downloading the archive.

To install the Metatron distributed Druid, simply untar the downloaded archive. And start | stop the druid with the following commands.

 $ start-single.sh | stop-single.sh 

(Optional) Install the GEO server

We introduced map view since 3.1.0. If you want to using this feature, download this archive and run the geo server with the following commands.

 $ bin/startup.sh | bin/shutdown.sh 

Build from source

Git clone this project.

$ git clone https://github.com/metatron-app/metatron-discovery.git

Build through Maven 3.3+.

$ mvn clean install -DskipTests

Buidling the whole project takes some time especially for the "discovery-frontend". Please wait a few minutes.

If the build succeeds, you can find an archive file under "discovery-distribution/target"

Start up the Metatron Discovery

Untar the archive binary file of Metatron Discovery.

$ tar zxf metatron-discovery-{VERSION}-{TIMESTAMP}-bin.tar.gz

Initialize and run with the following command.

$ bin/metatron.sh --init start

⚠️ Cautions! --init option initialize whole data.
Add this argument only the first time or when you want to reset your development environment.

Running options are provided as well.

$ bin/metatron.sh [--config=directory] [--init] [--management] [--debug=port] {start|stop|restart|status}

To access Metatron Discovery, go to http://localhost:8180. (The default admin user account is provided as Username: admin, PW: admin.)

Problems & Suggestions

This project welcomes contributions and suggestions. If you encounter any bugs or want to request new features, feel free to open an GitHub Issue in the repo so that the community can find resolutions for it. Although, please check before you raise an issue. That is, please make sure someone else hasn’t already created an issue for the same topic.


Need help using Metatron Discovery? Ask away on our Metatron Discovery User Group! Our fellow community member or our engineers will be glad to help you out! Or maybe you might want to check out our user manual on our website as well.


Metatron Discovery is available under the Apache License V2.