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Discovery features

The source code for this version can be found in the 3.2.x branch.

Bug Fix

Fix setting domain cookie in external login page (#2325)
Values ​​in KPI charts are displayed incorrectly if user-defined columns exist (#2342)
Enable logout in the external application (#2364)
When creating a data source, up to 20 table lists are displayed (#2363)
When you request a shared workspace, there are unnecessary query calls. (#2366)
Fix snapshot loading and add name title (#2385)

Druid features

You need to upgrade your Druid according to the Discovery version.
Use druid-metatron-3.2.6.tar.gz from the assets of this release page.

Full features

Remove replication throttle (#2389)
Prevent pre-matured cleanup in coordinator (#2383)
Nuke segments in batch for purge datasource (#2379)
Fix CCE in nvl on none-string tagged as string type (#2378)
Support lock listing API in overlord resource (#2377)
Support returning null for basic aggregators(min/max/var/stddev) (#2373)
Remove some unnecessary classes/methods (#2372)
Support implicit casting of boolean to number (#2357)
Support wasbs scheme for deep storage (#2353)
Expression evaluation on unknown type should return unknown type (#2351)
Fix compilation with Java 8 (#2347)
Support log extraction API in servers (#2338)
Handle numeric nulls in bulk sequence (#2337)
Minor log improvements (#2330)
Make resource files in extension directory loadable (#2327)
Some dependencies are missed for extensions in packaging (#2326)
Balancing is biased to a server (#2283)
Use buffered stream for zipping (#2282)

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