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Fix warnings in ECL

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1 parent 2cfc4a4 commit 4d22dcdec5a82b0590dcfa7fde08ee4eee63129b @metawilm committed Jan 23, 2011
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  1. +3 −1 custom-hash-table.lisp
@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@
`(progn #+cmu (extensions:define-hash-table-test ',hash-table-test-sym
(function ,test) (function ,hash-function))
(defun ,make (&rest options)
+ #+ecl (declare (ignore options))
#+(or allegro ccl lispworks)
(apply #'make-hash-table :test ',test :hash-function ',hash-function options)
@@ -74,8 +75,9 @@
finally (return (values default nil)))))))
(defun (setf gethash) (new-val key ht &optional default)
+ (declare (ignore default))
(etypecase ht
- (hash-table (setf (cl:gethash key ht default) new-val))
+ (hash-table (setf (cl:gethash key ht) new-val))
(custom-hash-table (pop ht)
(let* ((test-fn (pop ht))
(hash-fn (pop ht))

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