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;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: COMMON-LISP; Package: CLPYTHON.UTIL -*-
;; This software is Copyright (c) Franz Inc. and Willem Broekema.
;; Franz Inc. and Willem Broekema grant you the rights to
;; distribute and use this software as governed by the terms
;; of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
;; (,
;; known as the LLGPL.
;;; Readtable utilities
(in-package :clpython.util)
;; The readtable setup is as suggested by Kent Pitman in
(defmacro in-syntax (readtable-expression)
`(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(setq *readtable* ,readtable-expression)))
(defparameter *reader-error-has-format*
(class-initargs-p 'reader-error :format-arguments :format-control))
(defun read-package-symbol-func (package start-char end-char &key intern)
"Create a reader function that reads from start-char until endchar,
and returns a symbol in the given package. When no such symbol exists,
it will be interned if INTERN, otherwise an error is raised."
(check-type start-char character)
(check-type end-char character)
(lambda (stream ch)
(assert (char= ch start-char))
(loop with name = (make-array 5 :element-type 'character
:adjustable t :fill-pointer 0)
for prev-char = ch
for ch = (read-char stream)
do (cond ((and prev-char (char= prev-char #\\))
(setf (aref name (1- (length name))) ch))
((char/= ch end-char)
(vector-push-extend ch name))
(return (or (find-symbol name package)
(when intern
(intern name package))
(apply #'error 'reader-error :stream stream
(when *reader-error-has-format*
(list :format-control
"No symbol named ~S in package ~S"
(list name (find-package package))))))))))))
;;; Readtable that takes in everything available
(defparameter *omnivore-debug* nil)
(defun setup-omnivore-readmacro (&key function initial-forms (readtable *readtable*))
"Create a readtable that, for any initial character, will let FUNCTION do the parsing.
The STREAM supplied to FUNCTION will not be the original stream passed to the readtable
function, but rather a CONCATENATED-STREAM wrapper.
INITIAL-FORMS typically contains an IN-PACKAGE form to ensure that compilation and loading of
the fasl file satisfies CLHS \"Additional Constraints on Externalizable Objects\"."
(check-type function function)
(check-type readtable readtable)
(flet ((omnivore-read-func (stream char)
;; In Allegro CL, is stream is the REPL stream, unreading the first char fails.
;; Therefore below a concatenated-stream is created.
;; On SBCL a concatenated stream reports EOF too soon
;; but unreading the first char seems to work (
(let ((res `(progn ,@initial-forms
,(let ((prefixed-stream
#+sbcl (progn (unread-char char stream)
#-sbcl (make-concatenated-stream
(make-string-input-stream (string char))
(funcall function prefixed-stream)))))
(when *omnivore-debug*
(format t "~&OMNIVORE-READ-FUNC result:~% ~S~%" res))
(dotimes (i 256) ;; XXX use file encoding or char-code-limit?
(set-macro-character (code-char i) #'omnivore-read-func t readtable)))
(defun concatenated-stream-active-stream (stream)
"If STREAM is a CONCATENATED-STREAM then returns its active stream (recursively),
otherwise return STREAM."
(loop while (typep stream 'concatenated-stream)
do (setf stream (car (concatenated-stream-streams stream)))
finally (return stream)))
(defun interactive-stream-p-recursive (stream)
"In case of CONCATENATED-STREAM it looks at the active stream within."
(interactive-stream-p (concatenated-stream-active-stream stream)))