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A step-by-step tutorial showing different parts of Knative (Build, Eventing, Serving)
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Knative Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to use different components of Knative: Build, Eventing, and Serving.


There's a presentation that accompanies the tutorial. Each section (Build, Eventing, Serving) has its own section in the slides.

Serverless with Knative


We assume that you have a Kubernetes cluster with Knative (and its dependency Istio) installed already. If you need to install Istio and Knative, see Knative Installation page. For Google Kubernetes Engine specific instructions, see Install on Google Kubernetes Engine page.

We built and tested on Knative version 0.5 on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) with Istio but the samples should work on any Kubernetes cluster with Knative.

Before going through the tutorial, make sure all Knative components show a STATUS of Running:

    kubectl get pods -n knative-serving
    kubectl get pods -n knative-eventing
    kubectl get pods -n knative-build
    kubectl get pods -n knative-sources
    kubectl get pods -n knative-monitoring


This is not an official Google product.

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