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Changes in 0.4.3
* Felipe Lessa added the multinomial distribution.
Changes in 0.4.2
* Depend on the vector package.
* Felipe Lessa added beta, logistic, Pareto, Weibull, gamma
and Dirichlet distributions.
* Remove -fPIC flag when compiling C code;
(thanks to Dmitry Tsygankov)
Changes in 0.4.1
* Require cabal >= 1.8
* Fix framework detection bug in configure script on Mac OS
Changes in 0.4
* Switch to native (Cabal-based) configure
* Tracy Wadleigh added support for quasi-random number sequences
Changes in 0.3.2
* Shawn Garbett added the Cauchy distribution
Changes in 0.3.1
* Add exponential distribution
Changes in 0.3
* Add Levy alpha-Stable distributions
* Fix GHCi bus error on x86-64