A simple task to develop a tiny twitter clone in Meteor.
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task-twitter-clone (Meteor)

This is a Meteor task to develop a simple twitter clone app. The app code is empty and only test code is available.

How to work at the task

  1. fork the repository
  2. clone the forked repository
  3. cd meteor-task-twitter-clone
  4. meteor
  5. wirte code for each task steps
  6. commit and push

Task steps

step01: Title

  • change HTML and H1 titles

step02: Google authentication

  • add Google authentication
  • also configure it, and check if login is successful

step03: Collection

  • define a collection in both server and client

step04: New post form

  • show a form

step05: Adding new posts

  • when the form is submitted, add a post document to the collection
  • use "Collection.insert"

step06: Showing posts

  • show posts in the collection

step07: Permission check

  • remove "insecure" package
  • make it so that unauthenticated users cannot add a post

(following steps do not have tests.)

step08: User profile

  • show username for each posts

step09: Paging

  • remove "autopublish" package
  • sort the posts in reverse chronological order
  • only show some of posts and add "see more" feature (a.k.a. infinity scroll)

step10: Notification

  • show unread posts count or highlight unread posts
  • use "cursor.observe"

step11: Reply posts

  • add "reply" feature to each posts
  • add "in-reply-to" property to reply posts
  • show reply posts by any means you want