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HTML reporter for Meteor velocity testing framework
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Velocity HTML Reporter

HTML reporter for Meteor's Velocity testing framework. This reporter will show you test results in your app.


Install this and at least one Velocity-compatible testing framework then add this package:

meteor add velocity:html-reporter


If you want to hide the reporter in development mode, you can press ctrl + v


You can set the position of the reporter by adding a settings file like this:

  "public": {
    "velocity:html-reporter": {
      "position": "bottom right",
      "tab-index" : 1

Available positional options are:

  • "top right"
  • "top left"
  • "bottom right"
  • "bottom left"

The "tab-index" field is used for people with disabilities to access the reporter via keyboard shortcuts.

You may also be interested in the velocity:console-reporter package

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