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Documentation of how to use assets in Meteor.

Currently, it is not possible to import Assets as an ES6 module. Any of the Assets methods below can simply be called directly in any Meteor server code.

Assets allows server code in a Meteor application to access static server assets, which are located in the private subdirectory of an application's tree. Assets are not processed as source files and are copied directly into your application's bundle.

{% apibox "Assets.getText" %} {% apibox "Assets.getBinary" %} {% apibox "Assets.absoluteFilePath" %}

Static server assets are included by placing them in the application's private subdirectory. For example, if an application's private subdirectory includes a directory called nested with a file called data.txt inside it, then server code can read data.txt by running:

const data = Assets.getText('nested/data.txt');

Note: Packages can only access their own assets. If you need to read the assets of a different package, or of the enclosing app, you need to get a reference to that package's Assets object.