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Documentation of Meteor's `underscore` package.

Underscore is a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides support for functional programming. It is invaluable for writing clear, concise JavaScript in a functional style.

The underscore package defines the _ namespace on both the client and the server.

{% pullquote warning %} Currently, underscore is included in all projects, as the Meteor core depends on it. _ is available in the global namespace on both the client and the server even if you do not include this package. However if you do use underscore in your application, you should still add the package as we will remove the default underscore in the future. {% endpullquote %}

{% pullquote warning %} We have slightly modified the way Underscore differentiates between objects and arrays in collection functions. The original Underscore logic is to treat any object with a numeric length property as an array (which helps it work properly on NodeLists). In Meteor's version of Underscore, objects with a numeric length property are treated as objects if they have no prototype (specifically, if x.constructor === Object. {% endpullquote %}