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set -e
set -u
ARCH=$(uname -m)
if [ "$UNAME" == "Linux" ] ; then
if [ "$ARCH" != "i686" -a "$ARCH" != "x86_64" ] ; then
echo "Unsupported architecture: $ARCH"
echo "Meteor only supports i686 and x86_64 for now."
exit 1
elif [ "$UNAME" == "Darwin" ] ; then
SYSCTL_64BIT=$(sysctl -n hw.cpu64bit_capable 2>/dev/null || echo 0)
if [ "$ARCH" == "i386" -a "1" != "$SYSCTL_64BIT" ] ; then
# some older macos returns i386 but can run 64 bit binaries.
# Probably should distribute binaries built on these machines,
# but it should be OK for users to run.
if [ "$ARCH" != "x86_64" ] ; then
echo "Unsupported architecture: $ARCH"
echo "Meteor only supports x86_64 for now."
exit 1
echo "This OS not yet supported"
exit 1
# save off meteor checkout dir as final target
cd `dirname $0`/..
DIR=`mktemp -d -t generate-dev-bundle-XXXXXXXX`
trap 'rm -rf "$DIR" >/dev/null 2>&1' 0
cd "$DIR"
chmod 755 .
umask 022
mkdir build
cd build
git clone git://
cd node
# When upgrading node versions, also update the values of MIN_NODE_VERSION at
# the top of app/meteor/meteor.js and app/server/server.js.
git checkout v0.8.11
./configure --prefix="$DIR"
make -j4
make install PORTABLE=1
# PORTABLE=1 is a node hack to make npm look relative to itself instead
# of hard coding the PREFIX.
# export path so we use our new node for later builds
export PATH="$DIR/bin:$PATH"
which node
which npm
cd "$DIR/lib/node_modules"
npm install connect@1.9.2 # not 2.x yet. sockjs doesn't work w/ new connect
npm install gzippo@0.1.7
npm install optimist@0.3.5
npm install coffee-script@1.4.0
npm install less@1.3.1
npm install stylus@0.30.1
npm install nib@0.8.2
npm install mime@1.2.7
npm install semver@1.1.0
npm install handlebars@1.0.7
npm install mongodb@1.1.11
npm install uglify-js@1.3.4
npm install clean-css@0.8.2
npm install progress@0.1.0
npm install useragent@1.1.0
npm install request@2.12.0
npm install http-proxy@0.8.4
npm install simplesmtp@0.1.25
npm install stream-buffers@0.2.3
npm install keypress@0.1.0
# pinned at older version. 0.1.16+ uses mimelib, not mimelib-noiconv
# which make the dev bundle much bigger. We need a better solution.
npm install mailcomposer@0.1.15
# When adding new node modules (or any software) to the dev bundle, remember to
# update LICENSE.txt!
# Sockjs has a broken optional dependancy, and npm optional dependancies
# don't seem to quite work. Fake it out with a checkout.
git clone
npm install sockjs@0.3.3
rm -rf rbytes
# If you update the version of fibers in the dev bundle, also update the "npm
# install" command in docs/client/concepts.html.
npm install fibers@0.6.9
# Fibers ships with compiled versions of its C code for a dozen platforms. This
# bloats our dev bundle, and confuses dpkg-buildpackage and rpmbuild into
# thinking that the packages need to depend on both 32- and 64-bit versions of
# libstd++. Remove all the ones other than our architecture. (Expression based
# on build.js in fibers source.)
FIBERS_ARCH=$(node -p -e 'process.platform + "-" + process.arch + "-v8-" + /[0-9]+\.[0-9]+/.exec(process.versions.v8)[0]')
cd fibers/bin
rm -rf *
mv ../$FIBERS_ARCH .
cd ../..
cd "$DIR"
curl "$MONGO_URL" | tar -xz
mv "$MONGO_NAME" mongodb
# don't ship a number of mongo binaries. they are big and unused. these
# could be deleted from git dev_bundle but not sure which we'll end up
# needing.
cd mongodb/bin
rm bsondump mongodump mongoexport mongofiles mongoimport mongorestore mongos mongosniff mongostat mongotop mongooplog mongoperf
cd ../..
# Clean up an unneeded directory accidentally installed by the
# node-mongo-native driver. This will be fixed in later versions, but
# for now we have to manually remove it.
rm -rf lib/node_modules/mongodb/.coverage_data
cd "$DIR"
echo "${BUNDLE_VERSION}" > .bundle_version.txt
rm -rf build
tar czf "${TARGET_DIR}/dev_bundle_${UNAME}_${ARCH}_${BUNDLE_VERSION}.tar.gz" .
echo DONE
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