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  • The DDP wire protocol has been redesigned.

    • The handshake message is now versioned. This breaks backwards compatibility between sites with Meteor.connect(). Older meteor apps can not talk to new apps and vice versa. This includes the madewith package, apps using madewith must upgrade.

    • New EJSON package allows you to use Dates, Mongo ObjectIDs, and binary data in your collections and Session variables. You can also add your own custom datatypes.

    • Meteor now correctly represents empty documents in Collections.

    • There is an informal specification in packages/livedata/

  • Breaking API changes

    • Changed the API for observe. Observing with added, changed and removed callbacks is now unordered; for ordering information use addedAt, changedAt, removedAt, and movedTo. Full documentation is in the observe docs. All callers of observe need to be updated.

    • Changed the API for publish functions that do not return a cursor (ie functions that call this.set and this.unset). See the publish docs for the new API.

  • New Features

    • Added new observeChanges API for keeping track of the contents of a cursor more efficiently.

    • There is a new reactive function on subscription handles: ready() returns true when the subscription has received all of its initial documents.

    • Added Session.setDefault(key, value) so you can easily provide initial values for session variables that will not be clobbered on hot code push.

    • You can specify that a collection should use MongoDB ObjectIDs as its _id fields for inserts instead of strings. This allows you to use Meteor with existing MongoDB databases that have ObjectID _ids. If you do this, you must use EJSON.equals() for comparing equality instead of ===. See

    • New random package provides several functions for generating random values. The new function is used to provide shorter string IDs for MongoDB documents. Meteor.uuid() is deprecated.

    • Meteor.status() can return the status failed if DDP version negotiation fails.

  • Major Performance Enhancements

    • Rewrote subscription duplication detection logic to use a more efficient algorithm. This significantly reduces CPU usage on the server during initial page load and when dealing with large amounts of data.

    • Reduced unnecessary MongoDB re-polling of live queries. Meteor no longer polls for changes on queries that specify _id when updates for a different specific _id are processed. This drastically improves performance when dealing with many subscriptions and updates to individual objects, such as those generated by the accounts-base package on the Meteor.users collection.

  • Upgraded UglifyJS2 to version 2.2.5

Patches contributed by GitHub users awwx and michaelglenadams.


  • Fix 0.5.5 regression: Minimongo selectors matching subdocuments under arrays did not work correctly.

  • Some Bootstrap icons should have appeared white.

Patches contributed by GitHub user benjaminchelli.


  • Deprecate Meteor.autosubscribe. Meteor.subscribe now works within Meteor.autorun.

  • Allow access to Meteor.settings.public on the client. If the JSON file you gave to meteor --settings includes a field called public, that field will be available on the client as well as the server.

  • @import works in less. Use the .lessimport file extension to make a less file that is ignored by preprocessor so as to avoid double processing. #203

  • Upgrade Fibers to version 1.0.0. The Fiber and Future symbols are no longer exposed globally. To use fibers directly you can use: var Fiber = __meteor_bootstrap__.require('fibers'); and var Future = __meteor_bootstrap__.require('fibers/future');

  • Call version 1.1 of the Twitter API when authenticating with OAuth. accounts-twitter users have until March 5th, 2013 to upgrade before Twitter disables the old API. #527

  • Treat Twitter ids as strings, not numbers, as recommended by Twitter. #629

  • You can now specify the _id field of a document passed to insert. Meteor still auto-generates _id if it is not present.

  • Expose an invalidated flag on Meteor.deps.Context.

  • Populate user record with additional data from Facebook and Google. #664

  • Add Facebook token expiration time to services.facebook.expiresAt. #576

  • Allow piping a password to meteor deploy on stdin. #623

  • Correctly type cast arguments to handlebars helper. #617

  • Fix leaked global userId symbol.

  • Terminate phantomjs properly on error when using the spiderable package. #571

  • Stop serving non-cachable files with caching headers. #631

  • Fix race condition if server restarted between page load and initial DDP connection. #653

  • Resolve issue where login methods sometimes blocked future methods. #555

  • Fix Meteor.http parsing of JSON responses on Firefox. #553

  • Minimongo no longer uses eval. #480

  • Serve 404 for /app.manifest. This allows experimenting with the upcoming appcache smart package. #628

  • Upgraded many dependencies, including:

    • node.js to version 0.8.18
    • jquery-layout to version 1.3.0RC
    • Twitter Bootstrap to version 2.3.0
    • Less to version 1.3.3
    • Uglify to version 2.2.3
    • useragent to version 2.0.1

Patches contributed by GitHub users awwx, bminer, bramp, crunchie84, danawoodman, dbimmler, Ed-von-Schleck, geoffd123, jperl, kevee, milesmatthias, Primigenus, raix, timhaines, and xenolf.


  • Fix 0.5.3 regression: meteor run could fail on OSX 10.8 if environment variables such as DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH are set.


  • Add --settings argument to meteor deploy and meteor run. This allows you to specify deployment-specific information made available to server code in the variable Meteor.settings.

  • Support unlimited open tabs in a single browser. Work around the browser per-hostname connection limit by using randomized hostnames for deployed apps. #131

  • minimongo improvements:

    • Allow observing cursors with skip or limit. #528
    • Allow sorting on dotted.sub.keys. #533
    • Allow querying specific array elements (
    • $and, $or, and $nor no longer accept empty arrays (for consistency with Mongo)
  • Re-rendering a template with Spark no longer reverts changes made by users to a preserved form element. Instead, the newly rendered value is only applied if it is different from the previously rendered value. Additionally, elements with type other than TEXT can now have reactive values (eg, the labels on submit buttons can now be reactive). #510 #514 #523 #537 #558

  • Support JavaScript RegExp objects in selectors in Collection write methods on the client, eg myCollection.remove({foo: /bar/}). #346

  • meteor command-line improvements:

    • Improve error message when mongod fails to start.
    • The NODE_OPTIONS environment variable can be used to pass command-line flags to node (eg, --debug or --debug-brk to enable the debugger).
    • Die with error if an app name is mistakenly passed to meteor reset.
  • Add support for "offline" access tokens with Google login. #464 #525

  • Don't remove serviceData fields from previous logins when logging in with an external service.

  • Improve OAuth1Binding to allow making authenticated API calls to OAuth1 providers (eg Twitter). #539

  • New login providers automatically work with {{loginButtons}} without needing to edit the accounts-ui-unstyled package. #572

  • Use Content-Type: application/json by default when sending JSON data with Meteor.http.

  • Improvements to jsparse: hex literals, keywords as property names, ES5 line continuations, trailing commas in object literals, line numbers in error messages, decimal literals starting with ., regex character classes with slashes.

  • Spark improvements:

    • Improve rendering of elements on IE. #496 Don't lose nested data contexts in IE9/10 after two seconds. #458 Don't print a stack trace if DOM nodes are manually removed from the document without calling Spark.finalize. #392 Always use the autoReconnect flag when connecting to Mongo. #425 Fix server-side observe with no added callback. #589 Fix re-sending method calls on reconnect. #538 Remove deprecated /sockjs URL support from Meteor.connect. Avoid losing a few bits of randomness in UUID v4 creation. #519 Update clean-css package from 0.8.2 to 0.8.3, fixing minification of 0% values in hsl colors. #515 Patches contributed by GitHub users Ed-von-Schleck, egtann, jwulf, lvbreda, martin-naumann, meawoppl, nwmartin, timhaines, and zealoushacker. v0.5.2 Fix 0.5.1 regression: Cursor observe works during server startup. #507 v0.5.1 Speed up server-side subscription handling by avoiding redundant work when the same Mongo query is observed multiple times concurrently (eg, by multiple users subscribing to the same subscription), and by using a simpler "unordered" algorithm. Meteor now waits to invoke method callbacks until all the data written by the method is available in the local cache. This way, method callbacks can see the full effects of their writes. This includes the callbacks passed to and Meteor.apply, as well as to the Meteor.Collection insert/update/remove methods. If you want to process the method's result as soon as it arrives from the server, even if the method's writes are not available yet, you can now specify an onResultReceived callback to Meteor.apply. Rework latency compensation to show server data changes sooner. Previously, as long as any method calls were in progress, Meteor would buffer all data changes sent from the server until all methods finished. Meteor now only buffers writes to documents written by client stubs, and applies the writes as soon as all methods that wrote that document have finished. Meteor.userLoaded() and {{currentUserLoaded}} have been removed. Previously, during the login process on the client, Meteor.userId() could be set but the document at Meteor.user() could be incomplete. Meteor provided the function Meteor.userLoaded() to differentiate between these states. Now, this in-between state does not occur: when a user logs in, Meteor.userId() only is set once Meteor.user() is fully loaded. New reactive function Meteor.loggingIn() and template helper {{loggingIn}}; they are true whenever some login method is in progress. accounts-ui now uses this to show an animation during login. The sass CSS preprocessor package has been removed. It was based on an unmaintained NPM module which did not implement recent versions of the Sass language and had no error handling. Consider using the less or stylus packages instead. #143 Meteor.setPassword is now called Accounts.setPassword, matching the documentation and original intention. #454 Passing the wait option to Meteor.apply now waits for all in-progress method calls to finish before sending the method, instead of only guaranteeing that its callback occurs after the callbacks of in-progress methods. New function Accounts.callLoginMethod which should be used to call custom login handlers (such as those registered with Accounts.registerLoginHandler). The callbacks for Meteor.loginWithToken and Accounts.createUser now match the other login callbacks: they are called with error on error or with no arguments on success. Fix bug where method calls could be dropped during a brief disconnection. #339 Prevent running the meteor command-line tool and server on unsupported Node versions. Fix Minimongo query bug with nested objects. #455 In accounts-ui, stop page layout from changing during login. Use path.join instead of / in paths (helpful for the unofficial Windows port) #303 The spiderable package serves pages to facebookexternalhit #411 Fix error on Firefox with DOM Storage disabled. Avoid invalidating listeners if setUserId is called with current value. Upgrade many dependencies, including: MongoDB 2.2.1 (from 2.2.0) underscore 1.4.2 (from 1.3.3) bootstrap 2.2.1 (from 2.1.1) jQuery 1.8.2 (from 1.7.2) less 1.3.1 (from 1.3.0) stylus 0.30.1 (from 0.29.0) coffee-script 1.4.0 (from 1.3.3) Patches contributed by GitHub users ayal, dandv, possibilities, TomWij, tmeasday, and workmad3. v0.5.0 This release introduces Meteor Accounts, a full-featured auth system that supports fine-grained user-based control over database reads and writes federated login with any OAuth provider (with built-in support for Facebook, GitHub, Google, Twitter, and Weibo) secure password login email validation and password recovery an optional set of UI widgets implementing standard login/signup/password change/logout flows When you upgrade to Meteor 0.5.0, existing apps will lose the ability to write to the database from the client. To restore this, either: configure each of your collections with collection.allow and collection.deny calls to specify which users can perform which write operations, or add the insecure smart package (which is included in new apps by default) to restore the old behavior where anyone can write to any collection which has not been configured with allow or deny For more information on Meteor Accounts, see and The new function Meteor.autorun allows you run any code in a reactive context. See Arrays and objects can now be stored in the Session; mutating the value you retrieve with Session.get does not affect the value in the session. On the client, Meteor.apply takes a new wait option, which ensures that no further method calls are sent to the server until this method is finished; it is used for login and logout methods in order to keep the user ID well-defined. You can also specifiy an onReconnect handler which is run when re-establishing a connection; Meteor Accounts uses this to log back in on reconnect. Meteor now provides a compatible replacement for the DOM localStorage facility that works in IE7, in the localstorage-polyfill smart package. Meteor now packages the D3 library for manipulating documents based on data in a smart package called d3. Meteor.Collection now takes its optional manager argument (used to associate a collection with a server you've connected to with Meteor.connect) as a named option. (The old call syntax continues to work for now.) Fix a bug where trying to immediately resubscribe to a record set after unsubscribing could fail silently. Better error handling for failed Mongo writes from inside methods; previously, errors here could cause clients to stop processing data from the server. Patches contributed by GitHub users bradens, dandv, dybskiy, possibilities, zhangcheng, and 75lb. v0.4.2 Fix connection failure on iOS6. SockJS 0.3.3 includes this fix. The new preserve-inputs package, included by default in new Meteor apps, restores the pre-v0.4.0 behavior of "preserving" all form input elements by ID and name during re-rendering; users who want more precise control over preservation can still use the APIs added in v0.4.0. A few changes to the Meteor.absoluteUrl function: Added a replaceLocalhost option. The ROOT_URL environment variable is respected by meteor run. It is now included in all apps via the meteor package. Apps that explicitly added the now-deprecated absolute-url smart package will log a deprecation warning. Upgrade Node from 0.8.8 to 0.8.11. If a Handlebars helper function foo returns null, you can now run do {{}} without error, just like when foo is a non-existent property. If you pass a non-scalar object to Session.set, an error will now be thrown (matching the behavior of Session.equals). #215 HTML pages are now served with a charset=utf-8 Content-Type header. #264 The contents of <select> tags can now be reactive even in IE 7 and 8. The meteor tool no longer gets confused if a parent directory of your project is named public. #352 Fix a race condition in the spiderable package which could include garbage in the spidered page. The REPL run by admin/ no longer crashes Emacs M-x shell on exit. Refactor internal reload API. New internal jsparse smart package. Not yet exposed publicly. Patch contributed by GitHub user yanivoliver. v0.4.1 New email smart package, with Email.send API. Upgrade Node from 0.6.17 to 0.8.8, as well as many Node modules in the dev bundle; those that are user-exposed are: coffee-script: 1.3.3 (from 1.3.1) stylus: 0.29.0 (from 0.28.1) nib: 0.8.2 (from 0.7.0) All publicly documented APIs now use camelCase rather than under_scores. The old spellings continue to work for now. New names are: Meteor.isClient/isServer this.isSimulation inside a method invocation Meteor.deps.Context.onInvalidate Meteor.status().retryCount/retryTime Spark improvements Optimize selector matching for event maps. Fix Spark._currentRenderer behavior in timer callbacks. Fix bug caused by interaction between and {{#constant}}. #323 Allow {{#each}} over a collection of objects without _id. #281 Spark now supports Firefox 3.6. Added a script to build a standalone spark.js that does not depend on Meteor (it depends on jQuery or Sizzle if you need IE7 support, and otherwise is fully standalone). Database writes from within Meteor.setTimeout/setInterval/defer will be batched with other writes from the current method invocation if they start before the method completes. Make Meteor.Cursor.forEach fully synchronous even if the user's callback yields. #321. Recover from exceptions thrown in Meteor.publish handlers. Upgrade bootstrap to version 2.1.1. #336, #337, #288, #293 Change the implementation of the meteor deploy password prompt to not crash Emacs M-x shell. Optimize LocalCollection.remove(id) to be O(1) rather than O(n). Optimize client-side database performance when receiving updated data from the server outside of method calls. Better error reporting when a package in .meteor/packages does not exist. Better error reporting for coffeescript. #331 Better error handling in Handlebars.Exception. Patches contributed by GitHub users fivethirty, tmeasday, and xenolf. v0.4.0 Merge Spark, a new live page update engine Breaking API changes Input elements no longer preserved based on id and name attributes. Use preserve instead. All Meteor.ui functions removed. Use Meteor.render, Meteor.renderList, and Spark functions instead. New template functions (eg. created, rendered, etc) may collide with existing helpers. Use to avoid conflicts. New syntax for declaring event maps. Use{...}). For backwards compatibility, both syntaxes are allowed for now. New Template features Allow embedding non-Meteor widgets (eg. Google Maps) using {{#constant}} Callbacks when templates are rendered. See Explicit control of which nodes are preserved during re-rendering. See Easily find nodes within a template in event handlers and callbacks. See Allow parts of a template to be independently reactive with the {{#isolate}} block helper. Use PACKAGE_DIRS environment variable to override package location. #227 Add absolute-url package to construct URLs pointing to the application. Allow modifying documents returned by observe callbacks. #209 Fix periodic crash after client disconnect. #212 Fix minimingo crash on dotted queries with undefined keys. #126 v0.3.9 Add spiderable package to allow web crawlers to index Meteor apps. meteor deploy uses SSL to protect application deployment. Fix stopImmediatePropagation(). #205 v0.3.8 HTTPS support Add force-ssl package to require site to load over HTTPS. Use HTTPS for install script and meteor update. Allow runtime configuration of default DDP endpoint. Handlebars improvements Implement dotted path traversal for helpers and methods. Allow functions in helper arguments. Change helper nesting rules to allow functions as arguments. Fix {{}} to never invoke helper foo. Make event handler this reflect the node that matched the selector instead of the event target node. Fix keyword arguments to helpers. Add nib support to stylus package. #175 Upgrade bootstrap to version 2.0.4. #173 Print changelog after meteor update. Fix mouseenter and mouseleave events. #224 Fix issue with spurious heartbeat failures on busy connections. Fix exception in minimongo when matching non-arrays using $all. #183 Fix serving an empty file when no cacheable assets exist. #179 v0.3.7 Better parsing of .html template files Allow HTML comments (<!-- -->) at top level Allow whitespace anywhere in open/close tag Provide names and line numbers on error More helpful error messages Form control improvements Fix reactive radio buttons in Internet Explorer. Fix reactive textareas to update consistently across browsers, matching text field behavior. http package bug fixes: Send correct Content-Type when POSTing params from the server. #172 Correctly detect JSON response Content-Type when a charset is present. Support Handlebars.SafeString. #160 Fix intermittent "Cursor is closed" mongo error. Fix "Cannot read property 'nextSibling' of null" error in certain nested templates. #142 Add heartbeat timer on the client to notice when the server silently goes away. v0.3.6 Rewrite event handling. this in event handlers now refers to the data context of the element that generated the event, not the top-level data context of the template where the event is declared. Add /websocket endpoint for raw websockets. Pass websockets through development mode proxy. Simplified API for Meteor.connect, which now receives a URL to a Meteor app rather than to a sockjs endpoint. Fix livedata to support subscriptions with overlapping documents. Update node.js to 0.6.17 to fix potential security issue. v0.3.5 Fix 0.3.4 regression: Call event map handlers on bubbled events. #107 v0.3.4 Add Twitter bootstrap package. #84 Add packages for sass and stylus CSS pre-processors. #40, #50 Bind events correctly on top level elements in a template. Fix dotted path selectors in minimongo. #88 Make backbone package also run on the server. Add bare option to coffee-script compilation so variables can be shared between multiple coffee-script file. #85 Upgrade many dependency versions. User visible highlights: node.js 0.6.15 coffee-script 1.3.1 less 1.3.0 sockjs 0.3.1 underscore 1.3.3 backbone 0.9.2 Several documentation fixes and test coverage improvements. v0.3.3 Add http package for making HTTP requests to remote servers. Add madewith package to put a live-updating Made with Meteor badge on apps. Reduce size of mongo database on disk (--smallfiles). Prevent unnecessary hot-code pushes on deployed apps during server migration. Fix issue with spaces in directory names. #39 Workaround browser caching issues in development mode by using query parameters on all JavaScript and CSS requests. Many documentation and test fixups. v0.3.2 Initial public launch
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