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Update history for 107e908

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1 parent ca12a98 commit 110ba942ee391165995c09c5ab6b47d5e5cfc3a1 @estark37 estark37 committed
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@@ -14,9 +14,8 @@
* Add `credentialSecret` argument to `Google.retrieveCredential`, which
was forgotten in a previous release.
-* Add `-a` and `-r` aliases for `--add` and `--remove` in `meteor
- authorized` command. These aliases were documented in `meteor help`
- but previously didn't exist. #2155
+* Remove nonexistent `-a` and `-r` aliases for `--add` and `--remove` in
+ `meteor help authorized`. #2155
* Add missing `underscore` dependency in the `oauth-encryption` package. #2165

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