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Allow Meteor install to run inside git submodule

when you do something like git submodule add, the installation script will not
be able to detect that the repos it is in is a git repository. In
a git submodule, the .git is not a directory but merely a file.
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kiba authored and debergalis committed Apr 14, 2012
1 parent 361f22f commit 1b7f542f11d1c8401583bda44fdfe9580925610a
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@@ -68,9 +68,8 @@ function install_dev_bundle {
-if [ -d "$SCRIPT_DIR/.git" ]; then
+if [ -d "$SCRIPT_DIR/.git" ] || [ -f "$SCRIPT_DIR/.git" ]; then
# In a checkout.
if [ ! -d "$SCRIPT_DIR/dev_bundle" ] ; then
echo "It's the first time you've run Meteor from a git checkout."
echo "I will download a kit containing all of Meteor's dependencies."

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