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Add a comment about the now-undocumented `meteor run --once`.

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commit 2d7d419ef8f03540de9da874b9626e6789c99760 1 parent f3940ca
@glasser glasser authored
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  1. +4 −0 app/meteor/meteor.js
4 app/meteor/meteor.js
@@ -101,6 +101,10 @@ Fiber(function () {
.describe('production', 'Run in production mode. Minify and bundle CSS and JS files.')
.describe('settings', 'Set optional data for Meteor.settings on the server')
+ // With --once, meteor does not re-run the project if it crashes and
+ // does not monitor for file changes. Intentionally undocumented:
+ // intended for automated testing (eg,, not end-user
+ // use.
"Usage: meteor run [options]\n" +
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