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Revert node-progress back to 0.0.5 to deal with regression. Also bump…

… http-proxy to 0.8.5, with the maxSockets regression fixed.
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1 parent c1c1fd9 commit 5a668893f5c67ca643c328c44569400db0ebbb39 @n1mmy n1mmy committed Nov 19, 2012
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  1. +7 −5 admin/
  2. +1 −1 meteor
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
set -e
set -u
ARCH=$(uname -m)
@@ -90,17 +90,19 @@ npm install handlebars@1.0.7
npm install mongodb@1.1.11
npm install uglify-js@1.3.4
npm install clean-css@0.8.2
-npm install progress@0.1.0
npm install useragent@1.1.0
npm install request@2.12.0
npm install simplesmtp@0.1.25
npm install stream-buffers@0.2.3
npm install keypress@0.1.0
npm install sockjs@0.3.4
+npm install http-proxy@0.8.5
+# progress 0.1.0 has a regression where it opens stdin and thus does not
+# allow the node process to exit cleanly. See
+npm install progress@0.0.5
-# 0.8.4 contains a regression w/ maxSockets support. it is fixed on
-# master, and will hopefully be in 0.8.5.
-npm install http-proxy@0.8.3
# pinned at older version. 0.1.16+ uses mimelib, not mimelib-noiconv
# which make the dev bundle much bigger. We need a better solution.
npm install mailcomposer@0.1.15
2 meteor
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
# OS Check. Put here because here is where we download the precompiled
# bundles that are arch specific.

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