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-## Contributing to Meteor
+### Contributing to Meteor
-We hope you will join us in building Meteor -- both the platform and the
-community behind it -- and share in the rewards of getting in early on
-something great.
+Thank you for contributing to the Meteor project!
-Please see our
+Before you file a bug or pull request, please read our
[contributing guidelines](
on GitHub for more details on how to file a bug report or submit a
pull request.
-### Bug reports
-If you've found a bug in Meteor that isn't a security risk, you can file
-a report in
-[our issue tracker](
-> There is a separate procedure for security-related issues. If the
-> issue you've found contains sensitive information or raises a security
-> concern, email <code>security[]()@[]()</code> instead, which
-> will page the security team.
-Please don't use GitHub issues for feature requests or proposals. Most
-additions deserve a fair bit of discussion, which doesn't work super
-well inside a GitHub issue. Read on for how to get changes into Meteor.
-A Meteor app has many moving parts, and it's often difficult to
-reproduce a bug based on just a few lines of code. So your report
-should include a reproduction recipe. By making it as easy as possible
-for others to reproduce your bug, you make it easier for your bug to be
-fixed. **We may not be able to tackle an issue opened without a
-reproduction recipe. If we can't, we'll close them it a pointer to this
-wiki section and a request for more information.**
-A reproduction recipe works like this:
- * Create a new Meteor app that displays the bug with as little code as
- possible. Try to delete any code that is unrelated to the precise bug
- you're reporting, including extraneous Atmosphere packages.
- * Create a new GitHub repository with a name like
- `meteor-reactivity-bug` (or if you're adding a new reproduction
- recipe to an existing issue, `meteor-issue-321`) and push your code
- to it. (Make sure to include the `.meteor/packages` and `.meteor/release` files!)
- * Reproduce the bug from scratch, starting with a `git clone`
- command. Copy and paste the entire command-line input and output,
- starting with the `git clone` command, into the issue description of
- a new GitHub issue. Also describe any web browser interaction you
- need to do.
- * If you reproduced the issue using a checkout of Meteor instead of using
- a released version that was pinned with a `.meteor/release` file,
- specify what commit in the Meteor repository was checked out.
-If you want to submit a pull request that fixes your bug, that's even
-better. We love getting bugfix pull requests. Just make sure they're
-written to the MDG style guide and *come with tests*. Read further down
-for more details on proposing changes to core code.
-### Pull requests
-Before submitting a pull request, please read the
-[contributing guidelines](
-on GitHub. In brief:
-* If possible, publish new features as separate packages on
- [Atmosphere](
-* Most changes to core packages should be discussed first on
- [`meteor-core`](, where
- you can build consensus and work out most of the design. Submit a
- pull request once you have a core developer on board.
-* The `meteor-core` list is also a fine place to request new features
- without a specific proposal. GitHub issues aren't as good place for
- those that sort of thing: we'll close "feature request" issues.
+*Please do not file security issues in the GitHub issue tracker.* If
+the issue you've found
+contains sensitive information or raises a security concern, email
+<code>security[]()@[]()</code> instead, which will page the
+security team.

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