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Commits on Jul 7, 2015
  1. @avital

    spiderable: on failure report URL

    avital authored
    This would have helped diagnose an issue that @zol hit on a production
    app behaving differently on staging and production environments
Commits on Jul 1, 2015
  1. @martijnwalraven
Commits on Jun 30, 2015
  1. @martijnwalraven
  2. @martijnwalraven
  3. @martijnwalraven
  4. @martijnwalraven
  5. @zimme @martijnwalraven

    Use GitHub account's primary email if the scope allows it

    zimme authored martijnwalraven committed
    In the case when user or user:email scope wasn’t provided, use the
    publicly visible email as before. In this case you can end up with not
    having an email for GitHub accounts.
  6. @zimme @martijnwalraven

    Use primary email for the email field

    zimme authored martijnwalraven committed
    The email provided by the user info in the response from /user is the
    publicly visible email, which a user can choose to not set.
    GitHub accounts always have a primary email, so let’s use that one
  7. @zimme @martijnwalraven

    Fetch emails from GitHub

    zimme authored martijnwalraven committed
    This allows one to determine if an email is verified or not and also
    gives you all emails the user have registered on GitHub
  8. @glasser

    accounts-ui-unstyled depends on jquery

    glasser authored
    There is 1 (1!) use of `$`, in
    `click #configure-login-service-dialog-save-configuration`
    (It probably could be rewritten to not use jquery though.)
    Fixes #4616.
  9. @glasser
  10. @stubailo
  11. @martijnwalraven

    Add ability to login with a case insensitive username or email

    martijnwalraven authored
    Closes #550.
    `loginWithPassword` now matches username or email in a case insensitive manner.
    If there are multiple users with a username or email only differing in case, a
    case sensitive match is required.
    Although `createUser` won't let you create users with ambiguous usernames or
    emails, this could happen with existing databases or if you modify the users
    collection directly.
    Because MongoDB does not support case insensitive indexes, we perform a case
    insensitive query both before and after inserting a new user, removing the user
    when we detect another matching user has been inserted in the meantime. This
    leaves us with the theoretical possibility that a server crash could occur in
    between the insert and the second query or remove. In that situation there
    would be two accounts with a username or email only differing in case, so we
    will require a case sensitive login.
Commits on Jun 23, 2015
  1. @glasser

    Update autopublish comment

    glasser authored
    Fixes #4596.
  2. @mitar @glasser

    Add more headers for JSON parsing.

    mitar authored glasser committed
  3. @stubailo @benjamn

    Transpile the Meteor command line tool with Babel

    stubailo authored benjamn committed
    - Uses Ben's meteor-babel npm package that has a default config
    - From a checkout, uses the meteor-babel/register module and compiles at runtime
    - When meteor-tool is published, precompiles the files
    - Adds tests to make sure source maps work everywhere
  4. @benjamn

    Use a wrapper NPM package for double-ended-queue.

    benjamn authored
    Most immediately, this techique serves as a workaround for
    npm/read-installed#40, since the latest version
    of [double-ended-queue](
    is still a prerelease version. This issue is going to rear its head the
    next time we rebuild node for the dev bundle, and it will be very
    difficult to diagnose the problem later if we don't fix it now.
    Longer-term, we could move things like `Meteor._SynchronousQueue` into the
    meteor-deque package, but that's a discussion for a different commit.
Commits on Jun 22, 2015
  1. @avital

    Test that password reset links are bound to emails

    avital authored
    This adds a test to verify that a password reset link won't work if a user
    changed their password after the reset link was sent.
    This was reported by a user, but the bug wasn't actually real. But I finished
    writing the test, so I thought it's worth committing.
  2. @avital
Commits on Jun 17, 2015
  1. @benjamn

    Use Meteor._inherits instead of reimplementing it.

    benjamn authored
    This is another, probably better, way of fixing #4574.
  2. @benjamn
Commits on Jun 16, 2015
  1. @glasser

    tweaks and history

    glasser authored
  2. @glasser

    Fixed issues with spacing around conditions.

    Robert Pitt authored glasser committed
  3. @glasser

    Removed comment regarding callback context and condences new lines.

    Robert Pitt authored glasser committed
  4. @glasser

    Added documentation for beforeSend

    Robert Pitt authored glasser committed
  5. @glasser

    add some equilibrium.

    Robert Pitt authored glasser committed
  6. @glasser

    Added tests

    Robert Pitt authored glasser committed
  7. @glasser

    Added beforeSend hook to http client

    Robert Pitt authored glasser committed
  8. @avital
  9. @avital

    spacebars-compiler: Enforce the {{> React}} no sibling rule

    avital authored
    The react-template-helper package exports a {{> React}} template that
    can be used to insert React components into Blaze templates. Due to
    the interface that `React.render()` provides, React components rendered
    this way must be placed as the only child of their parent element.
    Prior to this change, we had runtime (as opposed to compile time) tests
    in the react-template-helper package. These tests couldn't detect all
    error cases (such as when the sibling is a conditional that starts
    It's unfortunate that this change will make all template compilation
    slower but we could improve that later with a change @glasser described
    where build plugins can know what other build plugins are running for
    the app being built.
    TODO: Consider adding an option to `Spacebars.codeGen` with the name
    of the template being compiled and add that to the error. This would
    bring these errors to the same level as the runtime ones currently
    thrown in the react-template-helper package.
Commits on Jun 15, 2015
  1. Don't send redundant ping

    Graham Hughes authored
    This *should* be impossible, but the user could potentially give
    `heartbeatTimeout` a much smaller value than `heartbeatInterval`, I
  2. Clarify intent in `messageReceived` better.

    Graham Hughes authored
  3. Meteor style is space after bang.

    Graham Hughes authored
  4. Halve heartbeat interval.

    Graham Hughes authored
    The changes to use a regularly scheduled timer rather than tearing them
    down and setting them back up again mean that the following could occur:
    - ping/pong occurs
    - server sends packet, acked (so `_seenPacket` is true)
    - connection dies
    - interval timer picks up, notices `_seenPacket` is true, sets it to
      false, continues
    - interval timer picks up, finally notices `_seenPacket` is false.
    That is, it can take up to two interval cycles to detect that a
    connection has gone away.  Accordingly, I halve the `heartbeatInterval`
    so that we detect the connection has gone away, in the worst possible
    case, in the same amount of time.
    `heartbeatTimeout`, being a `setTimeout` based function, does not
    require similar adjustment.
  5. Derp, use `clearInterval` not `clearTimeout`

    Graham Hughes authored
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