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tag: v0.1.3
Commits on Feb 1, 2012
  1. @n1mmy

    Bump to version 0.1.3

    n1mmy authored
  2. @gschmidt
Commits on Jan 31, 2012
  1. @n1mmy

    Bump to version 0.1.2

    n1mmy authored
  2. @n1mmy

    Also ignore .git directories.

    n1mmy authored
  3. @n1mmy

    Use new package API

    n1mmy authored
Commits on Jan 30, 2012
  1. @n1mmy
  2. @n1mmy

    Remove stray console.log.

    n1mmy authored
  3. @debergalis
  4. @debergalis

    simplify Collection API.

    debergalis authored
    drops get(), fetch(n), and Collection.STOP
Commits on Jan 29, 2012
  1. @debergalis

    drop LiveResultsSet#indexOf

    debergalis authored
Commits on Jan 28, 2012
  1. @dgreensp
  2. @dgreensp
  3. @gschmidt

    deploy --tests

    gschmidt authored
  4. @n1mmy
  5. @n1mmy

    Add logging package and make call sites use it. This should clear up …

    n1mmy authored
    …any lingering IE console issues.
  6. @gschmidt
  7. @gschmidt

    reloading was broken. fix it.

    gschmidt authored
  8. @debergalis @n1mmy


    debergalis authored n1mmy committed
  9. @debergalis @n1mmy

    New Collection API

    debergalis authored n1mmy committed
    The new Collection API separates query handles from result sets.  It
    allows template iterators to only redraw changed objects instead of
    entire result sets.  This implementation also sets the stage for
    minimongo indexes and better invalidation performance.
    collection.find() now returns a Collection.Query handle.  To retrieve
    results we provide these methods on Collection.Query:
    Iterators (encouraged way to access results):
     * query.forEach(function (obj) { ... });
     * results = (obj) { ... });
    Cursor-based retrieval (iterators are built on fetch):
     * docs = query.fetch(maxlen); // return next [maxlen] (all) docs.
     * doc = query.get(skip);      // return next doc, skipping [skip] (0) docs.
     * length = query.count(); // number of results in query.
    Live queries (replaces findLive):
     * live_handle = query.observe({added: function (obj, idx) { ... },
                                    removed: function (id, idx) { ... },
                                    changed: function (obj, idx) { ... },
                                    moved: function (obj, old_idx, new_idx) { ... }});
    Convenience finders:
     * doc = collection.findOne({color: 'red'});
     * doc = collection.findOne(id_val);
    On the client, calling forEach(), map(), fetch(), get(), or findOne()
    inside an invalidation context will register a dependency on the entire
    query result.  Any change to any objects invalidates the context.
    Calling count() inside an invalidation context will register a
    dependency that only triggers if objects enter or leave the result set.
    Calling observe() does not register a dependency.
  10. @n1mmy
  11. @gschmidt
  12. @gschmidt
  13. @gschmidt
  14. @n1mmy @gschmidt

    Move htmljs test. This was missed as it happened at the same time as …

    n1mmy authored gschmidt committed
    …the test migration.
  15. @gschmidt
  16. @gschmidt

    bugfixes in new bundler

    gschmidt authored
  17. @n1mmy @gschmidt

    Disable app test bundles.

    n1mmy authored gschmidt committed
  18. @gschmidt
  19. @n1mmy @gschmidt

    Remove 'startup' state from connection state machine.

    n1mmy authored gschmidt committed
  20. @n1mmy @gschmidt
  21. @dgreensp @gschmidt

    template and htmljs tests

    dgreensp authored gschmidt committed
  22. @dgreensp @gschmidt

    table assembly test

    dgreensp authored gschmidt committed
  23. @n1mmy @gschmidt

    Also allow running meteor in top level 'packages' dir. The bundler sh…

    n1mmy authored gschmidt committed
    …ould take this and include all the tests.
  24. @n1mmy @gschmidt

    Run second (test) server when running an app. Not user friendly yet, …

    n1mmy authored gschmidt committed
    …but seems functional.
  25. @dgreensp @gschmidt

    show test short names

    dgreensp authored gschmidt committed
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