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tag: v0.4.1
Commits on Sep 19, 2012
  1. @glasser
Commits on Sep 18, 2012
  1. @glasser
  2. @glasser

    Make sure that Mongo remove calls finish before returning from _Mongo…

    glasser authored
    This started causing test failures in deployed tests while testing the 0.4.1
    release candidate; we think this may be related to bumping the mongodb node
    driver version. (Maybe the change to this.poolSize in
  3. @dgreensp
  4. @dgreensp

    Fix Spark in Firefox 3.6-4

    dgreensp authored
  5. @dgreensp
  6. @glasser
  7. @dgreensp
  8. @glasser

    Update version number for 0.4.1.

    glasser authored
    This will be the commit that 0.4.1 is released from. If the initial release
    candidate fails QA, this commit will be reverted.
  9. @glasser
  10. @glasser

    Revert "Update version number for 0.4.1."

    glasser authored
    This reverts commit 8ddcc21.
    More changes are necessary to
  11. @glasser

    Update version number for 0.4.1.

    glasser authored
    This will be the commit that 0.4.1 is released from. If the initial release
    candidate fails QA, this commit will be reverted.
  12. @glasser
  13. @dgreensp

    Catch errors in Meteor.publish handlers

    dgreensp authored
    Previously, it seemed that bugs in publishers would sometimes
    prevent future subscriptions from working, grinding the app to
    a halt.
  14. @n1mmy
  15. @glasser
  16. @glasser
  17. @glasser

    Revert "Work around debian build issue related to node fibers."

    glasser authored
    This reverts commit 6121400.
    We will solve this by deleting distracting versions of fibers.node rather than
    by working around them. This will fix rpmbuild as well.
  18. @glasser
Commits on Sep 17, 2012
  1. @glasser
  2. @glasser
  3. @glasser
  4. @glasser
  5. @dgreensp
  6. @dgreensp
  7. @dgreensp


    dgreensp authored
  8. @dgreensp
  9. @dgreensp

    Remove Meteor dependency on jQuery/Sizzle

    dgreensp authored
    Meteor will use jQuery for selector matching if it's present on the
    client (which at the moment is always), but it now will use bare
    querySelectorAll on modern browsers and IE 8+ if there is no jQuery.
    There is no other dependence on jQuery in Meteor.
  10. @glasser

    Change all publicly documented APIs to use camelCase.

    glasser authored
    For now, the old names still work as well.
    This includes:
      - Meteor.isServer/isClient
      - this.isSimulation in methods
      - Context.onInvalidate
      - Meteor.status().retryCount/retryTime
    Remove old backwards-compatibility "Sky" alias for "Meteor".
    Update all examples in the docs to use camelCase.
    Delete unused docs/client/projects.html file.
  11. @dgreensp

    Clean up Spark efficient events hack with DomUtils

    dgreensp authored
    To test whether an element in the event bubbling chain matches a
    selector, we now modify the selector to include an ID for the
    element in question (which we assign if it doesn't have one),
    so we search for one node rather than listing and checking all
    nodes that match the selector!  This makes a huge speed difference in
    the jsparse demo, which binds a global handler over a big DOM tree.
    The new domutils are matchesSelector(element, contextNode, selector)
    and matchesSelectorClipped(element, contextNode, selector, clipStart,
    Note: Eventually make the args more like this W3C working draft:
  12. @dgreensp

    DomUtils.elementOrder rename and flip

    dgreensp authored
    => compareElementIndex and returns -1,0,1 in the
    tradition of comparators rather than the opposite
  13. @dgreensp

    spark efficiency hack

    dgreensp authored
Commits on Sep 16, 2012
  1. @fivethirty @glasser

    bump bootstrap from 2.0.4 to 2.1.1

    fivethirty authored glasser committed
  2. @dgreensp

    Simpler try/finally in deps

    dgreensp authored
  3. @dgreensp

    Spark._currentRenderer not an EnvironmentVariable

    dgreensp authored
    This isn't the kind of dynamic var that should
    persist into timer callbacks, it should just be
    on the stack.  Also cuts dependence of spark
    on dynamics.
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