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Tag: v0.5.1
Commits on Nov 20, 2012
  1. @glasser

    Follow-up to 426a72f: make sure loggingIn goes away in the case of a …

    glasser authored
    …half-complete login method.
  2. @glasser
  3. @avital
  4. @avital
  5. @glasser

    Meteor.loggingIn now true during the beginPasswordExchange part of

    glasser authored
Commits on Nov 19, 2012
  1. @n1mmy

    Use absoluteUrl in tests so that tests pass when you visit them via s…

    n1mmy authored
    …omething other than 'localhost' (e.g., when testing IE using an VM)
  2. @n1mmy

    Fix typo in changelog.

    n1mmy authored
  3. @n1mmy
  4. @n1mmy

    Revert node-progress back to 0.0.5 to deal with regression. Also bump…

    n1mmy authored
    … http-proxy to 0.8.5, with the maxSockets regression fixed.
Commits on Nov 17, 2012
  1. @glasser
  2. @glasser

    Clean up for 0.5.1.

    glasser authored
  3. @avital

    accounts-ui fixes related to the introduction of {{loggingIn}}

    avital authored
    - Correctly position certain elements
    - Reduce flicker/things moving around in various cases
    - Force dropdown to open in case there is a message to display
  4. @glasser
Commits on Nov 16, 2012
  1. @glasser

    Release notes improvements.

    glasser authored
  2. @glasser
  3. @glasser
  4. @n1mmy

    Bump version number to 0.5.1.

    n1mmy authored
  5. @n1mmy
  6. @n1mmy
  7. @n1mmy
  8. @n1mmy

    Update sockjs to 0.3.4. This removes the meteor patch from #339, but …

    n1mmy authored
    …preserves the patch to do http->https on IE.
  9. @n1mmy
  10. @n1mmy
  11. @n1mmy
  12. @n1mmy

    bump dev bundle version number.

    n1mmy authored
  13. @n1mmy

    Bump jquery to 1.8.2.

    n1mmy authored
  14. @n1mmy
  15. @n1mmy

    Bump bootstrap to 2.2.1

    n1mmy authored
  16. @n1mmy

    Bump underscore version.

    n1mmy authored
  17. @n1mmy
  18. @n1mmy

    bump a bunch of versions

    n1mmy authored
Commits on Nov 15, 2012
  1. @glasser

    Change "wait" methods to do a full quiesce: ie, they do not stream data.

    glasser authored
    Rationale: "wait" methods are used for login/logout, which tend to make drastic
    changes that should take effect atomically rather than streamy. (Without this,
    logging out with accounts-ui saw the username disappear before the buttons
    switched from "sign out" to "sign in", eg in single-button mode. Now it goes
    directly from "signed in with username visible" to "signed out".)
  2. @glasser

    Make multiple observes of the same Mongo cursor share their polling c…

    glasser authored
    There is no longer any explicit time-based throttling of Mongo poll calls,
    though we do prevent multiple instances of polling to be scheduled at once. If
    this appears to be a problem, we can reintroduce throttling.
    Note: this can lead to a hang if you start observing a cursor during a callback
    from an identical cursor's observation. This doesn't seem to be a very realistic
    use case though.
  3. @glasser

    Refactor mongo-livedata cursor objects.

    glasser authored
    Separate the "description" of the cursor from the actual wrapped Mongo
    Collection.find() no longer runs a Mongo query: you have to actually call a
    function like fetch, count, or observe on the cursor to run the
    query. (Specifically, this lets us skip a useless query when a publish function
    returns the result of a find().) This implies that errors that used to be
    reported at find() time are now reported later.
    Also, allow objects other than Mongo cursors returned from publish functions to
    define their own _publishCursor functions (this is not documented or officially
    supported). The _publishCursor code is moved from the livedata package to
  4. @glasser

    New class Meteor._SynchronousQueue, which runs tasks serially.

    glasser authored
    Will be used for Meteor._Mongo._LiveResultsSet de-duping.
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