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Support email attachments #1114

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@glasser I'm not sure what needs to change in the _.each for attachments in packages/email/email.js to support binary attachments, so I updated comment.

With some guidance, I'd be happy to do what is needed to support binaries.

Once code supports binary attachments, I'll update email_tests.js. Considering we'd then be supporting both text + binary attachments, should we make make new test examples, or would you prefer just adding to the test one ascii and one binary attachment?

ryw commented

@glasser any thoughts on this? I'll jump in to get this PR in order, just need a few questions answered...


Maybe this is worth looking at once we've released @estark37 's Assets API, since that's probably the best way to actually get binary assets into Meteor code.

EJSON binary objects are actually just Uint8Arrays.

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@glasser glasser Attachment support for Email.send.
Only supports specifying contents as base64-encoded strings, which is not a
great interface; we should implement Meteor Buffers.
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