Tiny bugfix in the docs example code #156

wants to merge 3 commits into

3 participants


In the context.invalidate() example code,
if (context && !this.listeners[context.id])
was missing a "{" afterwards...


Thanks, before I merge this could you please sign the contributor license agreement (contribute.meteor.com?)

Sure, Done!

PS: I wanted to give some feedback regarding some things I´ve noticed when porting some stuff to meteor... I wonder what the best forum is, it´s not really a "issue"...


Hmm... I´m a git newbie... Not sure why 01fc08d & 160df3b

is showing up now... Sorry for that.


Probably I should have put this in a separate branch?


We base the copy on our defaults (which are inherited, not copied)


Probably I should have put this in a separate branch?

Exactly, pull requests hold all your changes on a certain branch.

So, whenever you start a new feature you can do something like

git checkout -b newFeature upstream/devel

which will start a new branch "newFeature" and will base it on the devel branch of upstream.

This upstream branch might be called different for you, if you have it unmodified you could use just devel instead.

Note that it might be preferred to commit to devel instead of master to make sure commits don't clash with others.


I'll just manually apply the one change in the relevant diff.

@avital avital closed this May 31, 2012

Thanks guys! :)

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