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Added how to read local docs to README #62

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It took me a little while to guess that the /docs directory was a meteor application itself, so if I wanted to read the docs locally, I needed to launch it.

I think it would be helpful to put that in the README under the Slow Start section.

@debergalis debergalis merged commit 32266f5 into meteor:devel

This is a new version of pull request #43 since I need to change what branch this commit goes into (devel not master).

This has already been approved by debergalis in pull request #43.

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    Added a note about how to read the docs locally, since it took me a w…

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    …hile to figure out how to do it.
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meteor --help
+After installing, you can read the docs locally. The ```/docs``` directory is a meteor application, so simply change into the ```/docs``` directory and launch the app:
+ cd docs/
+ meteor
+You'll then be able to read the docs locally in your browser at ```http://localhost:3000/```
## Developer Resources
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