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Fix issue #4929 by calling toString on HTTP content

Closes PR #4940

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HTTP provides an HTTP request API on the client and server. To use these functions, add the HTTP package to your project with $ meteor add http.

See the HTTP section in the Meteor docs for more details.

Direct access to npm request API

On the server, the http package is implemented using the npm request module. If you'd like direct access to this module, you can find it at HTTPInternals.NpmModules.request.module. Its version can be read at HTTPInternals.NpmModules.request.version.

Additionally, you can override any request option when using (or HTTP.get, etc) by including a npmRequestOptions option.

The version of request used may change incompatibly from version to version of Meteor (or we may even replace it with an entirely different implementation); use at your own risk.

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