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.gitignore Add .gitignore to package directories to match linker branch.
NOTES Implement 'a.$.b' modifier Correct links to project pages
diff.js Always apply projection to docs, not diffs
helpers.js Ban inserting EJSON custom types as documents
id_map.js Replace ad-hoc inheritance with Meteor._inherit calls
minimongo.js Document a whole bunch of missing arguments/returns
minimongo_server_tests.js test for affectedByModifier for $elemMatch
minimongo_tests.js minimongo: Disallow setting empty fields
modify.js minimongo: Disallow setting empty fields
objectid.js Remove closures around package files. (hint: git blame -w)
observe.js Eliminate `_fetch` on handles returned from `cursor.observe()`
package.js Un-prerelease version numbers
projection.js Move object check into _checkSupportedProjection
selector.js Replace occurences of "elide" with "omit"
selector_modifier.js oplog-limit: don't ignore modifiers to sort key
selector_projection.js Sorter.combineIntoProjection is an instance method
sort.js Fix sort keys like "a.0.b". Fixes #2439.
sorter_projection.js Drop Sorter name and use _.extend for prototype
wrap_transform.js Don't doubly-wrap transforms
wrap_transform_tests.js Renamed Deps to Tracker in all packages


minimongo is reimplementation of (almost) the entire MongoDB API, against an in-memory JavaScript database. It is like a MongoDB emulator that runs inside your web browser. You can insert data into it and search, sort, and update that data. This is great if you like the MongoDB API (which you may already be using on the server), need a way to store data on the client that you've fetched and are using to render your interface, and want to use that familiar API.

Minimongo is used as a temporary data cache in the standard Meteor stack, to learn more about mini-databases and what they can do, see the project page on

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