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Source code of released version | Source code of development version

The webapp package contains the core functionality that makes a Meteor project into a web application. It is a "value added HTTP server" that includes not just a web server, but also advanced app serving functionality like over-the-air mobile app updates and HTML5 Appcache support. For more information, see the Webapp project page.

Direct access to connect mongodb API

The webapp package is implemented using the npm connect module. webapp exposes the connect API for handling requests through Webapp.connectHandlers. See for more details

If you'd like direct access to the connect module (for example, to use one of the middleware handlers that it defines), you can find it at WebAppInternals.NpmModules.connect.module. Its version can be read at WebAppInternals.NpmModules.connect.version.

The version of connect used may change incompatibly from version to version of Meteor (or we may even replace it with an entirely different implementation); use at your own risk.

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