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Visit, or the IRC channel(

Contributing code to the Meteor project

The best way (the only way?) to contribute code is to submit a pull request. We have a few guidelines for you.

  • Make sure that your branch is based off of the devel branch. The devel branch is where active development happens.
  • Sign the contributor's agreement.
  • Follow the Meteor style guide.
  • Limit yourself to one feature or bug fix per pull request.
  • Name your branch to match the feature/bug fix that you are submitting.
  • Write clear, descriptive commit messages.

Package Submission Guidelines

Here are some guidelines:

  • If you submit a smart package pull request, we want to see strong community interest in the package before we include it in a Meteor release. Comments on the pull request are great for this. This helps us keep Meteor core clean and streamlined.

  • Your package should have tests. See packages/coffeescript or packages/less for examples.

  • Your package should be documented. See docs/client/packages.

  • Use a stable version. If it requires an npm module install, make sure to add it to admin/ with a fixed version number. If the preprocessor is only a few files, you can avoid the dev bundle and simply put the code in the package directory.

  • Because the package API is still in flux, and because you can include client-side JS/CSS files directly in your project's client/lib directory, the bar is higher for new packages that only include client-side JS/CSS files.

  • Similarly, the bar is higher for new packages that only include JS files with minimal integration. Generally, the test is whether a file can simply be put into your project's lib or server/lib directory, or if additional effort is needed to make it work.

  • Meteor minifies all JS/CSS. Packages should include only the original JS/CSS files, not the minified versions.

Other changes

If you're working on a big ticket item, best to check in first on the #meteor IRC channel or email us at We'd hate to have to steer you in a different direction after you've already put in a lot of hard work.

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