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How To Get Help

First, look through these resources to see if your question has been answered already:

Make a good first effort to find an answer before asking your question. If you can't find an existing answer to your question, try one of the following, in this order:

  • Ask it on StackOverflow
  • Ask it in IRC #meteor channel on
  • Ask it on meteor-talk

Other Resources

Filing Bug Reports

If you've found a bug in Meteor, file a bug report in our issue tracker. However, a Meteor app has many moving parts, and it's often difficult to reproduce a bug based on just a few lines of code. If you want somebody to be able to fix a bug (or verify a fix that you've contributed), the best way is:

  • Create a new Meteor app that displays the bug with as little code as possible. Try to delete any code that is unrelated to the precise bug you're reporting.
  • Create a new GitHub repository with a name like meteor-reactivity-bug (or if you're adding a new reproduction recipe to an existing issue, meteor-issue-321) and push your code to it. (Make sure to include the .meteor/packages file!)
  • Reproduce the bug from scratch, starting with a git clone command. Copy and paste the entire command-line input and output, starting with the git clone command, into the issue description of a new GitHub issue. Also describe any web browser interaction you need to do.
  • Specify what version of Meteor ($ meteor --version) and what web browser you used.

By making it as easy as possible for others to reproduce your bug, you make it easier for your bug to be fixed. Issues opened without a reproduction recipe are likely to be immediately closed with a pointer to this wiki section and a request for more information.

How To Contribute

Contributing doesn't necessarily mean working on Meteor internals. See the Get Involved page on for a starter list of ways to contribute.

To contribute code to Meteor core, submit a pull request. Follow the Contributor Guidelines, please!

Works In Progress

Here are drafts of docs that haven't made it into yet. You may find these useful. We appreciate suggestions and improvements: file issues or submit pull requests.

Community Packages

There is a small but growing list of community-created packages on Atmosphere. These are packages that have been created with Meteorite.

Meteor Blogs

Do you blog about Meteor regularly? File an issue with a link to your blog's "Posts tagged 'meteor'" page, and we'll add it here.

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