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Kadira - Performance Monitoring for Meteor

Kadira - Performance Monitoring for Meteor

Getting started

  1. Create an account at
  2. From the UI, create an app. You'll get an AppId and an AppSecret.
  3. Run meteor add meteorhacks:kadira in your project
  4. Configure your Meteor app with the AppId and AppSecret by adding the following code snippet to a server/kadira.js file:
Meteor.startup(function() {
  Kadira.connect('<AppId>', '<AppSecret>');

Now you can deploy your application and it will send information to Kadira. Wait up to one minute and you'll see data appearing in the Kadira Dashboard.

Auto Connect

Your app can connect to Kadira using environment variables or using Meteor.settings.

Using Meteor.settings

Use the followng settings.json file with your app:

  "kadira": {
    "appId": "<appId>",
    "appSecret": "<appSecret>"

The run your app with meteor --settings=settings.json.

Using Environment Variables

Export the following environment variables before running or deploying your app:

export KADIRA_APP_ID=<appId>
export KADIRA_APP_SECRET=<appSecret>

Error Tracking

Kadira comes with built in error tracking solution for Meteor apps. It has been enabled by default. For more information, please visit our docs on error tracking.

More information

Check out Kadira Academy for more information and improve your app with Kadira.